5 helpful tips to clean your smoking pipe like a pro

smoking pipe

Are you a smoking fan too?


But do you know how to properly clean up your smoking pipe?

Do you own a proper set of smoking pipe tools?

It is easy for anyone to think that a smoking pipe may not require upkeep. The reality is quite the opposite. Not cleaning out your pipe ever so often negatively affects the quality of smoke. Not just this, but it also damages the pipe permanently. It is not tough to learn how to care for your pipe and clean it frequently.

Cleaning tips

Here are some simple tips that would come in handy the next time you are all motivated to clean out your smoking pipe-

1. Wait until cold-

There is something that you must keep in mind before you reach out to your smoking pipe tools. The first and perhaps the most basic of instructions is not to remove the pipe’s stem when it is hot. Wait until it has cooled down and then proceed to separate it from the shank. The stem of your pipe would be connected to the shank through a mortise and tenon joint.

When you pull the stem away when the pipe’s hot, it loosens the tenon. This is because it is in an expanded state when hot. The wood when hot, also absorbs moisture, making the task messier when the pipe is hot. If you patiently wait for it to cool down you would have an easier task on your hands. In the worst-case scenario, it would weaken the wood of the pipe and it may start developing cracks very soon. And obviously, you would not want this.

2. It gets messy-

As should be obvious by the plethora of smoking pipe tools available in the market, cleaning your pipe is a job that requires the use of some special tools. The pipe’s insides would almost always be dirtier than you could imagine and may also sometimes let out a foul smell. Know that this is all normal and carefully proceed with using the tools you have. As they would get dirty ever so often, putting down a towel would be a big help. It would also provide a soft buffer in case you want to tap the bowl upside down, to empty it. It is advised that you keep a dustbin nearby so that you can instantly throw away stuff like Q-tips used to clean the pipe. If they’re kept for a while, they start spreading the tar smell as well.

3. Essential smoking pipe tools-

Hoping that you are familiar with some of the smoking pipe tools, there are some that would help you out in cleaning the pipe as well. For cleaning purposes, you would require things like paper towels, Q-tips, a reamer, a pipe scraper, alcohol, etc. These are some of the essentials that you must have at hand before you begin cleaning.

4. Use liquor to add extra flavor-

While literally, any kind of alcohol solution would do a fine job of cleaning out your smoking pipe quite thoroughly, you can try and use some of your favorite liquor to do the job as well. There are a couple of reasons for the same. Liquor is gentler on the surface of the wood and causes fewer problems. Your wood pipe would be preserved for years this way.

Another added benefit is the flavor that it would leave on the insides. You can use whiskey, rum, brandy, or anything else you like. The extra sweetness of the liquor can then be tasted the next time you smoke, giving an even better high.

5. Use salt-

Ever so often you would also want to deep clean your pipe or want to remove the smell of tobacco from it. In such situations, you can use salt (with a little bit of alcohol) to completely clean out the bowl. For this, you can fill out the bowl with salt and block the shank. Now when it is almost filled up, add a little amount of liquor to it, and top with salt again. After letting it rest for a day you can clean it out, and your pipe would be as good as well.


Once you know how to clean up your pipe you can enjoy your smoke in peace. Remember, the key is to not have all the tools but to have the right ones. Even if you don’t have these you can make do with stuff at home. However, be careful when buying smoking pipe tools. If they are not of the topmost quality and sold by trusted sellers online, they can damage your pipe and lay waste to your investment. Genuine online sellers would only sell you the best smoking pipe tools for your smoking pipe.

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