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7 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Exterior

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Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home? Have you been wanting a simple and cost-effective way to make your house more beautiful and inviting? The outside appearance of any home can reveal so much about its personality, while also contributing to its curb appeal. That’s why it is important to take action in sprucing up the exterior – and with these 7 ideas, this goal can quickly become achievable. From sealants for protection to adding unique accents or furnishing, here’s everything that is recommended homeowners know about improving their home’s exterior!

1. Installing Exterior Lighting

Improving your home’s exterior can bring added curb appeal and value to your investment. For instance, if you are living in Phoenix, installing cool trim lighting in Phoenix that was helped by local contractors might be the best way to make any outdoor space pop. The cool trim lighting acts as an accent and is a great way to upgrade your home’s look with little effort. Plus, it stands up well to the heat and direct sunlight that Phoenix gets! All in all, cool trim lighting makes for a brilliant addition to any outdoor living space, no matter the size or design style. On the other hand, regardless of your location, installing outdoor lighting is a great way to improve your home’s exterior.

2. Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home can instantly make it look fresh and new! Not only can you bring color and vibrancy to your home’s exterior, but it is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of your home. Preparing the surface area of your home before painting is an important task in order to ensure that the job will last a long time.

Make sure to clean and repair any chipped or peeling paint, fill in scorch marks with putty, and make sure surfaces are properly primed before applying the final coats of paint. Painting can be a fun DIY project to tackle on the weekends, or if you are looking for superior results you can always hire professional painters for a perfect job every time.

3. Adding Unique Accents to the Front of Your House

For a unique and eye-catching accent to your home’s exterior, why not try some unexpected landscaping? Incorporate brightly colored flowers or maybe a fun feature not usually found in home designs. Install a small bridge over a pond, or a stone waterfall if the climate allows its growth. You can also hang quirky garden decorations from the eaves of your roof, such as wind chimes or hanging plants.

Adding these creative touches can really make your house stand out from the pack and show off your personal style. Just be sure to add some tasteful accents that still complement your overall design aesthetic. Moreover, you can choose to add something more permanent, like a patio or outdoor kitchen.

4. (Re)Applying a Sealant for Protection

Homeowners know that their exterior needs a little TLC now and then! Thankfully, one of the simplest ways to maintain a home’s exterior is to apply a sealant. Sealants not only make it easier to clean the siding and windowsills, but they also protect from water damage, rot, sunlight fading, and chipping paint. Reapplying with the sealant annually can help maintain the integrity of your home for years to come!

It is important when choosing products for your sealant; you want something that will serve as an effective barrier against moisture, dust, and dirt accumulation. With the right materials and a little elbow grease (and maybe some help from a professional), you’ll be able to watch your home’s exterior stay in good shape all year round.

5. Installing New Shutters or Replacing Old Ones

Installing new shutters or replacing old ones can transform the exterior in a dramatic way. New shutters will last longer than existing ones, and they come in more colors and styles to choose from as well. They’re also surprisingly easy to install, with kits available for customization if desired. Investing in quality shutters adds instant curb appeal, whether you opt for wood or vinyl frames that are both low maintenance and weather-resistant.

Now is the time to replace worn-down and faded shutters for an entirely new perspective! Furthermore, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even go so far as to add a new window or door to your exterior. Installing large windows and doors with intricate designs are great ways to increase the value of your home.

6. Adding Patio Furniture to Enhance Curb Appeal

If you want to raise your home’s curb appeal while also injecting a bit of style and comfort, consider adding patio furniture to your outdoor space. From sleek modern pieces to classic Adirondack chairs, the right furniture will not only help tie together various landscaping elements but can also be used to relax and enjoy the outdoors with family or friends. Just make sure you choose pieces that best fit the size of your space and the architecture of your home. Planning appropriately and choosing a suitable design will ensure that your patio is both attractive and welcoming for years to come.

7. Planting Flowers and Trees Around the Perimeter

A colorful and inviting front yard can boost curb appeal, not to mention bring some happy vibes to your outdoor space. Planting flowers and trees around the perimeter of your home is a great way to spruce it up – plus, adding shade with trees helps keep down energy costs in the summer months. Trees also clean the air which can be especially beneficial if you live in an urban area. And, best of all, it’s relatively easy to do yourself with few supplies needed! If you’re looking for seasonal flowering plants, try a hit list that is native to your region and climate. Come springtime, you’ll have a lovely array of colors both inside and outside of your home!

Enhancing the exterior of your home is a great way to make it look more attractive and inviting. With just a few simple changes, you can make your house stand out from the rest and enjoy its beauty for years to come. Installing exterior lighting, painting your home’s exterior, adding unique accents to the front of your house, applying a sealant for protection, installing new shutters or replacing old ones, adding patio furniture to enhance curb appeal, and planting flowers and trees around the perimeter are all easy ways to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. By implementing these seven steps, you can ensure that your home looks its best and that you have something you can be proud of for years.

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