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All That You Must Know About Brain MRI

Brain MRI

A standard medical examination that is recommended for various kinds of ailments is an MRI. MRI, stands for magnetic resonance imaging, it can give your physician a clear image of the internal organs without using an intrusive method. You may wonder how an MRI differs from an X-ray or CT scan as they, too, are used for imaging. Furthermore, you can read our article on the website to know about health care and nutritional food.

The answer is simple. MRI is far more advanced and can give better imaging of the internal organs. So when conclusive results cannot be found through the other imaging methods, MRI is used by the specialists. A brain MRI may be used for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, and other similar diseases.

Before going for an MRI for the first time, many questions may come to your mind. To ease your tension and to ensure that you can go for the test stress-free, Intermountain medical imaging has answered some common questions for you:

 Is MRI Painful?

No, an MRI is a completely pain-free test. You will be laid down in a bed and sent inside a special chamber. While you are lying down there, the specialists can capture a clear image of the required organ by panning the machine in the required direction. So all you need to do is lie down still, and the process will be completed.

Is MRI Safe For You?

Yes, MRI is a totally safe process. Unlike other types of similar scans, you will not be exposed to any harmful radiation. Even after you complete your MRI, there are no side effects. This clearly demonstrates that MRI is safe for everyone. However, if you are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker in your body, it is best to inform your doctor in advance. The process may also be a little difficult for those with claustrophobia. Go to this website  in order to acquire additional information about maintaining your health.

Is MRI Time Consuming

Usually, MRI scans do not take more than two hours to be completed. In fact, if the study is not very complicated, the test can be completed in less than thirty minutes. The duration of the MRI depends largely on how detailed your doctor requires the image.

However, the sessions are usually broken down into short spans of about 15 minutes. So all you have to do is lie down in the said position for about fifteen minutes, and the doctor can record the required image.

Is MRI Safe For Children?

As stated earlier, MRI is safe for all people of all ages unless they have some prior complications. For children, going inside the chamber may be a little intimidating. Expert technicians understand that. That is why they ensure that they have thoroughly communicated with the children and made them comfortable before sending them in for the test. You may also prepare your child by reassuring them that you are there by their side.

Is Any Aftercare Needed For MRI?

No aftercare is required after the MRI test. You can return to your normal life without any thought or hesitation. Visit this website to get detailed information about health and fitness.

With these questions, hopefully, all your fears about the MRI test have been sorted. So go for it without any fear.

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