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Are you a smoking fan too?


But do you know how to properly clean up your smoking pipe?

Do you own a proper set of smoking pipe tools?

It is easy for anyone to think that a smoking pipe may not require upkeep. The reality is quite the opposite. Not cleaning out your pipe ever so often negatively affects the quality of smoke. Not just this, but it also damages the pipe permanently. It is not tough to learn how to care for your pipe and clean it frequently.

Cleaning tips

Here are some simple tips that would come in handy the next time you are all motivated to clean out your smoking pipe-

1.   Wait until cold-

There is something that you must keep in mind before you reach out to your smoking pipe tools. The first and perhaps the most basic of instructions is not to remove the pipe’s stem when it is hot. Wait until it has cooled down and then proceed to separate it from the shank. The stem of your pipe would be connected to the shank through a mortise and tenon joint.

When you pull the stem away when the pipe’s hot, it loosens the tenon. This is because it is in an expanded state when hot. The wood when hot, also absorbs moisture, making the task messier when the pipe is hot. If you patiently wait for it to cool down you would have an easier task on your hands. In the worst-case scenario, it would weaken the wood of the pipe and it may start developing cracks very soon. And obviously, you would not want this.

2.   It gets messy-

As should be obvious by the plethora of smoking pipe tools available in the market, cleaning your pipe is a job that requires the use of some special tools. The pipe’s insides would almost always be dirtier than you could imagine and may also sometimes let out a foul smell. Know that this is all normal and carefully proceed with using the tools you have. As they would get dirty ever so often, putting down a towel would be a big help. It would also provide a soft buffer in case you want to tap the bowl upside down, to empty it. It is advised that you keep a dustbin nearby so that you can instantly throw away stuff like Q-tips used to clean the pipe. If they’re kept for a while, they start spreading the tar smell as well.

3.   Essential smoking pipe tools-

Hoping that you are familiar with some of the smoking pipe tools, there are some that would help you out in cleaning the pipe as well. For cleaning purposes, you would require things like paper towels, Q-tips, a reamer, a pipe scraper, alcohol, etc. These are some of the essentials that you must have at hand before you begin cleaning.

4.   Use liquor to add extra flavor-

While literally, any kind of alcohol solution would do a fine job of cleaning out your smoking pipe quite thoroughly, you can try and use some of your favorite liquor to do the job as well. There are a couple of reasons for the same. Liquor is gentler on the surface of the wood and causes fewer problems. Your wood pipe would be preserved for years this way.

Another added benefit is the flavor that it would leave on the insides. You can use whiskey, rum, brandy, or anything else you like. The extra sweetness of the liquor can then be tasted the next time you smoke, giving an even better high.

5.   Use salt-

Ever so often you would also want to deep clean your pipe or want to remove the smell of tobacco from it. In such situations, you can use salt (with a little bit of alcohol) to completely clean out the bowl. For this, you can fill out the bowl with salt and block the shank. Now when it is almost filled up, add a little amount of liquor to it, and top with salt again. After letting it rest for a day you can clean it out, and your pipe would be as good as well.


Once you know how to clean up your pipe you can enjoy your smoke in peace. Remember, the key is to not have all the tools but to have the right ones. Even if you don’t have these you can make do with stuff at home. However, be careful when buying smoking pipe tools. If they are not of the topmost quality and sold by trusted sellers online, they can damage your pipe and lay waste to your investment. Genuine online sellers would only sell you the best smoking pipe tools for your smoking pipe.

Budgeting is a cornerstone of every financially sustainable household and family’s budget should be a reflection of the lives of your family members.

However, budgets are double-edged swords; They are essential but creating and strictly implementing the household budget is easier said than done.

Here’s a comprehensive list of ways on how you and your spouse can create and religiously follow your household budget.

Be Realistic

The primary reason why most budgets go unused is that people set unrealistic spending plans that are bound to fall apart.

If you are the only earner in a young family with four members and you’re earning around $50,000, it is almost impossible for you to save 25% or more of your earnings each month.

Creating such a budget is bound to fail due to the realities of having a family.

Create an Annual Budget

At the end of every year, you and your spouse need to create a realistic budget for the next year based on how much you earn, how much you pay in taxes, how much you spend on bills and miscellaneous expenses.

Depending on how much your household is scheduled to earn during the coming year and the average of how much your family has spent over the last three years, you can come up with a reasonable budget that fits your household’s needs.

Adopt Technology

Thanks to new financial technology startups, we have applications that will track your spending for weekly, monthly or even yearly budgets, to ensure that you stay in your financial lane.

New applications like Mint or Pennies makes it possible for you to view and track your spending in real-time. It is perfect for those with unaccounted expenses each month.

Getting Help

It does not matter if you have the best budget in the world. There are times when we get unplanned expenses that cannot be avoided.

You may need to pay for a relative’s funeral or purchase a new car for your family or maybe even fix some neglected areas of your home.

In situations where you need to finance essential purchases, like a car, what you need is a car loan even with a bad credit rating.

Give Yourself an Allowance

As per your budget, calculate how much you need for important things like fuel, food, and the like. Withdraw that money from the bank and carry it around in cash.

When you spend cash, you subconsciously witness the ramifications of your spending as opposed to paying with debit or credit cards.

By paying in cash, when you run out of notes, you run out of money to spend.

Plan Meals

Ask anyone that’s ever tried to stick to a budget, and they will tell you that the first thing you should do is to eat out less and cook more.

Plan your meals, buy food in bulk once or twice a month and restrict eating out to special occasions or twice a month in the beginning.

When you plan what you are eating, you plan what you are spending.

Make Sacrifices

Everything that’s listed here is irrelevant until you decide that you’re willing to make the sacrifices necessary to attain financial stability.

You and your family must be willing to go above and beyond in the process. You may experience inconveniences and be forced to make sacrifices. However, one thing is for sure: These hard times won’t last forever and sooner or later you’ll emerge on the other side with greater financial freedom.

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Children of all ages love to play. Toys are the most common play objects, but playhouses can be another excellent entertainment source. A cubby house placed in your garden can guarantee countless hours of play for your children.

Besides, it can represent a great option to help their psychological and social development by allowing them to share with others.

Unlike plastic cubby houses that are available in stores, a playhouse made of wood is very durable. Assembling the cubby house yourself can ensure even better results.

Building a wooden house with your children is an activity that you can use to good advantage, making it an opportunity to spend time with them and enjoy from start to finish.

No matter your experience in building playhouses, below you will find the top tips for creating a functional cubby house for your children that they will enjoy for years to come.

Choose a suitable space.

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to build a cubby house yourself is the location. Space is a factor that will determine many other aspects of the cubby house.

To make a wooden house, you will need a garden or a large terrace since it will need to measure at least one meter squared. Also, you need to calculate some extra space so that children can play comfortably, without the risk of harming themselves.

Remember that you are the one who will build the house, so you will have to choose the shape and size that suits your space and budget.

Choose the right materials.

The most versatile material to make this type of houses is wood: it is inexpensive and easy to transport compared to other materials. Also, if you choose good quality wood and give it the necessary care, the house will last many years.

A good idea would be to contact different wood and timber suppliers to find out what different materials they offer and choose the one that is the best value for your money.

Sketch the design

Building a cubby house is similar to building a small house, so planning will always be necessary. Sketch what the new cubby house is going to look like; it doesn’t have to be anything professional, a pencil drawing is enough.

You can materialise your idea and encourage your children to contribute opinions, since, in the end, it is they who will enjoy it. Will the house have swings? Slides? Will it be at floor level or raised?

It would be best if you talked about all this during the initial planning. This way, you will enjoy the construction process much more, and the final result will be incredible.

Do not forget the roof.

The roof of a cubby house is a fundamental aspect that you cannot overlook. Remember that the house will be outdoors and will have to endure elements such as the sun and rain.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a material that prevents water from leaking inside the house. You can search for information on what materials and techniques are used in ordinary homes and try to apply it to your cubby house, but do not forget that everything you use should be safe for you and your children.

Involve the children

Assembling the house with your children can be an unforgettable experience both for you and them. The simple fact of helping you and seeing the house take shape is something you will remember for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that the tools and materials you will use can cause an accident if not appropriately handled. Consequently, you must follow all safety measures and supervise your children at all times

With these tips, you are more than ready to start building your children’s new cubby house. Do not be afraid and take the initiative; it is an experience that you will love, and your children will greatly appreciate.

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With the booming population in New Zealand, prime land is becoming scarce. People build their houses at steep mountain slopes and real estate developers purchase hectares of farm land to transform into subdivisions, so that people could live in them.

If you built your home on elevated land, chances are that a retaining wall was installed to hold the soil and prevent it from eroding. As time passes by, the land or yard surrounding your house has become the home for grass. Maybe it’s time to get the old lawnmower out from the garage and trim those grass and weeds out. However, you might also plan on doing some landscaping. If you have that plan in mind but could not put it into action, hire some retaining wall contractors in Auckland. Let them do the work for you.

What to remember when landscaping

Decide on your design

Landscaping is no easy task. You need experts to do the job, so get some landscaping contractors for this project. They would first suggest a design for the location, then check if it sits well with your plans. Because the technology of landscaping gained an upgrade, the project might not need any of those big landscaping vehicles like bulldozers. Of course, that depends on the plans though.

Inspect the situation of the existing retaining walls

Are the walls still sturdy enough? Can it still hold the soil in place? Normally, retaining walls coincide with landscaping. Since landscaping basically is the remodelling of a location, the removal or redesign of the retaining walls is in order. Now, if you use retaining walls in your garden like raised gardens; depending on the plans, you might not need to remove it at all.

Landscaping in suburban properties

Existing retaining walls in cities mostly go undisturbed for the most part, but there will always be a constant need to change the landscape because of population growth. The need to create vacant lots for houses increases ever so slightly. Some of these lots are created on elevated locations; hence, the need to create a landscape fitting for a residential area to live in.

Landscaping in rural properties

Landscaping is involved in farming. The need to eradicate weeds and tall grass from the fertile land always comes first before anyone could start placing that first seed within the soil. In addition, road-widening projects also need landscaping, especially if the road will pass through mountains. Here, retaining walls would adorn the sides of the mountain path/road to prevent soil erosion. This is important to keep roads open and usable.

The bottom line

When landscaping is concerned, retaining walls follow close behind. That said, will you take the plunge now and put those landscaping plans into action?

Cats are so adorable. Just looking at them and their antics would relieve a person’s stress, especially cat lovers. Some people like to look at cat memes to have a hearty laugh. They say that when they see a cat doing humorous things, it’s as if they have found a release; an escape from their problems. That is why a lot of people love cats. That said, they deserve the absolute love and care that their human parent could provide.

However, what if you needed to go on a trip and you could not bring your cat with you? It’s heartbreaking, that’s for sure. You will also be worried sick because you could not just leave your feline pet with just any person. Ease your worries because there is a place made just for cats: A cattery. If you happen to live in Wellington, you can bring your cat to the Hillcrest Cat Motel, a Lower Hutt Cattery. The staff here are very knowledgeable about cat welfare and the facilities are top-notch.

What is a cattery?

A cattery’s main function is to shelter cats; it can be a temporary or a permanent one. Catteries have two types: One where the cat lives temporarily and another where they can be bred/mate with cats.

  1. Boarding cattery

This is where you can bring your cat if you are going out of town and the cat could not go with you. The staff will take your place in caring for them until you come back to fetch them. A veterinarian is also at the premises to overlook the cats’ health. Not only that, if your house needs renovation and you need to leave the house in the meantime, you can place your cat in a cattery. The same goes when you physically could not care for the cat for the time being. Catteries like this one are regulated by local animal laws and authorities.

  1. Breeding cattery

As for this type of cattery, cat breeders bred their cats here either as a means to have more cats to take care of or to sell to other people. So if you plan to take a cat to your home, your best bet to get one is from a breeding cattery.

Amenities of a cattery

Catteries like the Hillcrest Cat Motel have great amenities that your cat would enjoy. In the cattery, cats can roam about the place because the place has a cat activity tree. The controlled environment within the cattery will relax your cat; this means they will not feel too hot or cold. Each cat would have their own bed, litter box and food containers. Properly scheduled activities would make sure that while having fun, your cat will also have an ample amount of rest.

The bottom line

Being away from your pet can really make their owner’s worry. However, knowing that you left your cat in good hands should alleviate those worries. Better yet, take some time off and join your cat in the cattery for some bonding time.

Businesses; whether big or small, can make use of a storage location of some sort. Sure, startups might not need a big warehouse at the moment but as it grows, more orders would come in and the need to store extra items to supply the demand would come along with the said orders. This scenario happens in every country and city. Auckland in New Zealand is not an exception. However, when is the right time to lease or buy a warehouse?

If you rent a warehouse, you need to consider the rental price. Will it be within your budget? The decision to rent a warehouse will depend on the situation itself. Take for instance some supermarkets. Big supermarkets automatically require a warehouse or warehouses to store their goods. A middle-sized supermarket also uses a warehouse; albeit at a smaller size. Small stores like the 24/7 convenience stores use the building storage facility adjacent to the store to use as their mini-warehouse. Do you need it just temporarily? It would be best to find a lease where you could hire it out for a short time. A movie producer could rent an Auckland warehouse for a few days, just for the time he needs the space.

Warehouses in Auckland

As mentioned earlier, Auckland also has its share of warehouses. Clearly, other installations use warehouses as a storage facility. Logistics companies use warehouses to store items up for delivery. Warehouses can also act as a distribution center. Warehouses typically store items for 6 months to a year. People also use warehouses as a business. They can either sell or lease the warehouse to somebody else. This brings up that very special question: When to buy? When to rent?

Rent or buy?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. As you may well know, Auckland is a very prosperous city in New Zealand. Business is good and starting a business here would benefit not only the business owner but the people as well. Putting that into perspective, Putting that into perspective, warehouses can provide profit whether it’s used as a storage for items or using it as the business itself. Now, if one will purchase a warehouse, it will provide more stability in the long run. If one chooses to rent the warehouse, it will give more flexibility for the owner.

Business owners can forget about rental fees if they chose to purchase their own warehouse. If the time comes and the business must transfer to another location (i.e. country), the owner can sell it. This decision to sell the property will benefit the owner because he will not have to maintain it anymore especially if he goes to another country and decides to live there permanently.

Renting a warehouse means the owner will handle the maintenance of the warehouse and not the one renting it. The lessee only needs to pay the rent and go about his business. If he chooses to relocate his business, he can still use the same warehouse unless he decides to bring his business to another country.

The bottom line

Renting or buying a warehouse totally depends on the situation of the business. However, if one would be chosen over the other, buying one is the best choice. If you were to decide, lease or buy?

Have you ever had a family issue that cannot be resolved? If so, the best solution is to hire a family lawyer. The family lawyer arises in order to protect the domestic unit and fulfil the rights and duties. Below we will tell you what the main functions and responsibilities of a family lawyer are and when it is recommended that you hire one.

 What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a professional who specialises in providing legal support and advice. He or she is also in charge of informing about the different courses of action in a specific situation, in order to solve a problem in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

Family lawyers are then responsible for providing advice on all legal aspects related to the family, the family environment and the relationships and assets between family members. This area is known as Family Law.

Family Law is a branch of Civil Law, and a family lawyer has several functions that relate to domestic and family issues. Family law is a very broad area of practice that encompasses many sectors and touches on intimate aspects.

What issues does a family lawyer deal with?

A Family Lawyer covers many very delicate situations, as they involve a strong personal impact. The lawyer acts as a mediator to offer advice in different cases, such as marriages, divorces and separations. They are also usually hired when it comes to the settlement of matrimonial property or separation of assets.

In addition to this, they should also be hired in cases of domestic violence, physical or psychological, since one of the objectives of this type of lawyer is to deal with violence in the family environment. This is why if you find yourself in a violent situation, the family lawyer can help you and accompany you during the legal proceedings to defend your rights and those of your children, if necessary.

Another situation in which family lawyers can intervene is when maintenance issues are being dealt with, i.e. when the scheme is not being complied with, family lawyers can help to resolve this.

Finally, one of the most frequent reasons for requesting the services of a family lawyer is when dealing with such sensitive issues as child custody and adoptions.

As you may have noticed, the issues that a family lawyer deals with are very varied and can be very sensitive due to their personal nature. In many cases the disputes for which they are requested include minors, so it is always necessary to make sure that you hire a lawyer whose services are regular and reliable. A family lawyer must have first-hand knowledge of the family’s problems in order to provide the best solution to the situation at hand. For this reason, it is recommended that only one lawyer be sought who is committed to personally attending to the client, since it is necessary to achieve a personalised and direct treatment with him.

We hope that this article on the functions and services offered by a family lawyer has been useful to you.

The name may seem complicated at first glance, but the truth is that this alternative heating to wood fireplaces has many advantages.

In addition to being more hygienic, since they do not smoke or produce almost no smell, bioethanol fireplaces are “environmentally friendly” when using a renewable fuel source. On the other hand, these heaters are effective: due to the absence of the traditional chimney, no heat is lost, whereas in a conventional fireplace it is estimated that there are heat losses around 50%.

For the correct maintenance of bio ethanol fireplaces, they must still be equipped with a system that allows the flame to be immediately extinguished (with a burner opening regulator).

Green and efficient

Did you know that ethanol is produced through plant products such as potatoes, corn or rice? And which is biodegradable and a very environmentally friendly energy source? This is why this combustion material is increasingly a technological option that has reached the fireplaces market.

The CO2 released by ethanol is equivalent to that of two candles. In bio ethanol fireplaces, efficiency is also guaranteed as they allow excellent room heating without the need to close the space.

Ten characteristics that distinguish bioethanol fireplaces from traditional fireplaces

Fuel – The combustion material is what distinguishes this equipment. Bio ethanol fireplaces use a type of alcohol that allows a flame to be produced. Its only requirement is the renewal of oxygen in the space where it is placed, which can be either an indoor (shops, offices or rooms) or an outdoor (balconies and gardens) area.

No chimney required – as ethanol does not give off smoke, no need to install hood or chimney. However, bio ethanol fireplaces do not lose heat, so heating is ensured.

Fuel for sale in various locations – popularly known as ‘ethyl alcohol’, ethanol is for sale in supermarkets, drugstores and stores selling cleaning products.

Does not release odour – while the fireplace is in operation there is no smell, only a slight odour when the fire is extinguished.

Not harmful to health – alcohol, when burned releases water vapour and carbon dioxide in insignificant amounts to health.

Guarantees heating for several hours – on average, a litre of ethanol lasts between two and four hours. Its consumption depends on the size of the selected flame and the ventilation of the room. The flame lasts while the alcohol is in the fireplace.

Fireplaces have ‘burner’ – this base consists of a stainless steel reservoir where the fuel is placed, which has a regulator to turn on, increase or decrease the flame.

Easy to install – bio ethanol fireplaces are easy to install and do not require a specific location to place equipment.

Possible to install in the place intended for the traditional fireplace – bio ethanol fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the house, including areas where traditional chimney equipment was available. Bioethanol fireplace inserts allow you to keep your original fireplace.

Periodic Maintenance – Bio ethanol fireplaces should be cleaned regularly using a damp cloth. Detergent should not contain any contraindicated chemicals for this equipment. Alcohol should be handled with care and placed out of reach of children.

The traditional fashion style is about fresh lines and luxury cloths such as tweeds, silk, cashmere, wool combinations, etc…  The traditional style value caliber and collects classic pieces to get their own wardrobe.  The nautical appearance could appeal for the manner style while they enjoy Xmas and can be fortunate enough to have a yacht or possess accessibility into you personally.  The traditional fashion style prefers to obtain 1 quality thing as opposed to buying a couple of outfits that wouldn’t endure the test of fashion or time.

Contest the most useful brands will be in its optimal degree and now are figurines would be the most economical from the expert market place, wanting to fulfill the endless craving for priceless chic types.  With all the revolution while in the field of the marketplace and communicating, world-class jewelers have arrived at the range of city men and are now not any longer confined by stay inside the precious possession of film and literary celebrities Argyle Art Coins.  Irrespective of precisely what the price range jewelry, in the present modern world comes from a number of diverse kinds to accommodate your personal character.  Every number of jewelers has since become the supreme fashion statement, and it contains remained this way before the day.  The previous small-scale spouse and children jewelry outlets are becoming tremendous company giants carrying tens of tens and thousands of refreshing types annually.  It’s rather an impossible job to create on the astonishing quantity of makes drifting from the present market.  But, dependent on antiquity as well as also their existing grasp around the planet’s market, ” I will enumerate the following several famed jewelry brands and stores.

Listed below would be just four (4) present Tips for the vintage characters

  1. Custom handmade leather fittings

Custom handmade leather equipment really are a must-have for your own traditional style who enjoys on their finishing touches to endure them a life.  Gift suggestions for their might incorporate custom made accessories, briefcases, wallets, watch straps, straps, coin bags, checkbook holders, passport situations, and workplace equipment.  Great for those who are able to get them?

  1. Customized Handcrafted Jewelry

The traditional style prefers jewelry presents which can be exceptional, modern, modern, and handmade with genuine high-quality materials like cultured diamonds, pearls, gold silver or silver.  These tasteful prized and floral jewelry presents might be necklace bracelets or bracelets adorned with pearls, Swarovski crystals earrings, Lebanese silver bracelets and ear rings, watches, etc…  Antiques presents utilizing recycled substances really are a must-have for your own traditional style who appreciates classic and antique jewelers, notably in the art deco period of time.

  1. Timeless style presents for Xmas

If it regards classic style gift suggestions there’s therefore much to choose from.  Even the argyle sweater can be the fantastic mass present for those thinking about timeless vogue and may be present for them.  Even the argyle sweater, such as a traditional wrapping apparel and alter apparel and not moves out of trend and also may be worn out for most winters in the future.  Can it be a joy to realize your present in usage year in, year out?  Still another ideal Unit Sex mass present for their could be your Corduroy coat that can be just another popular as it regards timeless vogue.  Choose corduroy coats with leather elbow patches to put in this ancient allure.

  1. If everything else fails, then you cannot fail using a luxury silk or wool vest. Hand-woven and monogrammed for differentiation consistently creates a classical present.

The short article was made by Arlene James-Thomas to get Monique vogue –  Monique delivers you exceptional, top quality handmade accessories and fashion from all across the globe.  These unique layouts convey and state something around you personally the wearer.  Our only magnificent selection of amazing odd jewelers.