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Cats are so adorable. Just looking at them and their antics would relieve a person’s stress, especially cat lovers. Some people like to look at cat memes to have a hearty laugh. They say that when they see a cat doing humorous things, it’s as if they have found a release; an escape from their problems. That is why a lot of people love cats. That said, they deserve the absolute love and care that their human parent could provide.

However, what if you needed to go on a trip and you could not bring your cat with you? It’s heartbreaking, that’s for sure. You will also be worried sick because you could not just leave your feline pet with just any person. Ease your worries because there is a place made just for cats: A cattery. If you happen to live in Wellington, you can bring your cat to the Hillcrest Cat Motel, a Lower Hutt Cattery. The staff here are very knowledgeable about cat welfare and the facilities are top-notch.

What is a cattery?

A cattery’s main function is to shelter cats; it can be a temporary or a permanent one. Catteries have two types: One where the cat lives temporarily and another where they can be bred/mate with cats.

  1. Boarding cattery

This is where you can bring your cat if you are going out of town and the cat could not go with you. The staff will take your place in caring for them until you come back to fetch them. A veterinarian is also at the premises to overlook the cats’ health. Not only that, if your house needs renovation and you need to leave the house in the meantime, you can place your cat in a cattery. The same goes when you physically could not care for the cat for the time being. Catteries like this one are regulated by local animal laws and authorities.

  1. Breeding cattery

As for this type of cattery, cat breeders bred their cats here either as a means to have more cats to take care of or to sell to other people. So if you plan to take a cat to your home, your best bet to get one is from a breeding cattery.

Amenities of a cattery

Catteries like the Hillcrest Cat Motel have great amenities that your cat would enjoy. In the cattery, cats can roam about the place because the place has a cat activity tree. The controlled environment within the cattery will relax your cat; this means they will not feel too hot or cold. Each cat would have their own bed, litter box and food containers. Properly scheduled activities would make sure that while having fun, your cat will also have an ample amount of rest.

The bottom line

Being away from your pet can really make their owner’s worry. However, knowing that you left your cat in good hands should alleviate those worries. Better yet, take some time off and join your cat in the cattery for some bonding time.

Businesses; whether big or small, can make use of a storage location of some sort. Sure, startups might not need a big warehouse at the moment but as it grows, more orders would come in and the need to store extra items to supply the demand would come along with the said orders. This scenario happens in every country and city. Auckland in New Zealand is not an exception. However, when is the right time to lease or buy a warehouse?

If you rent a warehouse, you need to consider the rental price. Will it be within your budget? The decision to rent a warehouse will depend on the situation itself. Take for instance some supermarkets. Big supermarkets automatically require a warehouse or warehouses to store their goods. A middle-sized supermarket also uses a warehouse; albeit at a smaller size. Small stores like the 24/7 convenience stores use the building storage facility adjacent to the store to use as their mini-warehouse. Do you need it just temporarily? It would be best to find a lease where you could hire it out for a short time. A movie producer could rent an Auckland warehouse for a few days, just for the time he needs the space.

Warehouses in Auckland

As mentioned earlier, Auckland also has its share of warehouses. Clearly, other installations use warehouses as a storage facility. Logistics companies use warehouses to store items up for delivery. Warehouses can also act as a distribution center. Warehouses typically store items for 6 months to a year. People also use warehouses as a business. They can either sell or lease the warehouse to somebody else. This brings up that very special question: When to buy? When to rent?

Rent or buy?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. As you may well know, Auckland is a very prosperous city in New Zealand. Business is good and starting a business here would benefit not only the business owner but the people as well. Putting that into perspective, Putting that into perspective, warehouses can provide profit whether it’s used as a storage for items or using it as the business itself. Now, if one will purchase a warehouse, it will provide more stability in the long run. If one chooses to rent the warehouse, it will give more flexibility for the owner.

Business owners can forget about rental fees if they chose to purchase their own warehouse. If the time comes and the business must transfer to another location (i.e. country), the owner can sell it. This decision to sell the property will benefit the owner because he will not have to maintain it anymore especially if he goes to another country and decides to live there permanently.

Renting a warehouse means the owner will handle the maintenance of the warehouse and not the one renting it. The lessee only needs to pay the rent and go about his business. If he chooses to relocate his business, he can still use the same warehouse unless he decides to bring his business to another country.

The bottom line

Renting or buying a warehouse totally depends on the situation of the business. However, if one would be chosen over the other, buying one is the best choice. If you were to decide, lease or buy?

Have you ever had a family issue that cannot be resolved? If so, the best solution is to hire a family lawyer. The family lawyer arises in order to protect the domestic unit and fulfil the rights and duties. Below we will tell you what the main functions and responsibilities of a family lawyer are and when it is recommended that you hire one.

 What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a professional who specialises in providing legal support and advice. He or she is also in charge of informing about the different courses of action in a specific situation, in order to solve a problem in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

Family lawyers are then responsible for providing advice on all legal aspects related to the family, the family environment and the relationships and assets between family members. This area is known as Family Law.

Family Law is a branch of Civil Law, and a family lawyer has several functions that relate to domestic and family issues. Family law is a very broad area of practice that encompasses many sectors and touches on intimate aspects.

What issues does a family lawyer deal with?

A Family Lawyer covers many very delicate situations, as they involve a strong personal impact. The lawyer acts as a mediator to offer advice in different cases, such as marriages, divorces and separations. They are also usually hired when it comes to the settlement of matrimonial property or separation of assets.

In addition to this, they should also be hired in cases of domestic violence, physical or psychological, since one of the objectives of this type of lawyer is to deal with violence in the family environment. This is why if you find yourself in a violent situation, the family lawyer can help you and accompany you during the legal proceedings to defend your rights and those of your children, if necessary.

Another situation in which family lawyers can intervene is when maintenance issues are being dealt with, i.e. when the scheme is not being complied with, family lawyers can help to resolve this.

Finally, one of the most frequent reasons for requesting the services of a family lawyer is when dealing with such sensitive issues as child custody and adoptions.

As you may have noticed, the issues that a family lawyer deals with are very varied and can be very sensitive due to their personal nature. In many cases the disputes for which they are requested include minors, so it is always necessary to make sure that you hire a lawyer whose services are regular and reliable. A family lawyer must have first-hand knowledge of the family’s problems in order to provide the best solution to the situation at hand. For this reason, it is recommended that only one lawyer be sought who is committed to personally attending to the client, since it is necessary to achieve a personalised and direct treatment with him.

We hope that this article on the functions and services offered by a family lawyer has been useful to you.

The name may seem complicated at first glance, but the truth is that this alternative heating to wood fireplaces has many advantages.

In addition to being more hygienic, since they do not smoke or produce almost no smell, bioethanol fireplaces are “environmentally friendly” when using a renewable fuel source. On the other hand, these heaters are effective: due to the absence of the traditional chimney, no heat is lost, whereas in a conventional fireplace it is estimated that there are heat losses around 50%.

For the correct maintenance of bio ethanol fireplaces, they must still be equipped with a system that allows the flame to be immediately extinguished (with a burner opening regulator).

Green and efficient

Did you know that ethanol is produced through plant products such as potatoes, corn or rice? And which is biodegradable and a very environmentally friendly energy source? This is why this combustion material is increasingly a technological option that has reached the fireplaces market.

The CO2 released by ethanol is equivalent to that of two candles. In bio ethanol fireplaces, efficiency is also guaranteed as they allow excellent room heating without the need to close the space.

Ten characteristics that distinguish bioethanol fireplaces from traditional fireplaces

Fuel – The combustion material is what distinguishes this equipment. Bio ethanol fireplaces use a type of alcohol that allows a flame to be produced. Its only requirement is the renewal of oxygen in the space where it is placed, which can be either an indoor (shops, offices or rooms) or an outdoor (balconies and gardens) area.

No chimney required – as ethanol does not give off smoke, no need to install hood or chimney. However, bio ethanol fireplaces do not lose heat, so heating is ensured.

Fuel for sale in various locations – popularly known as ‘ethyl alcohol’, ethanol is for sale in supermarkets, drugstores and stores selling cleaning products.

Does not release odour – while the fireplace is in operation there is no smell, only a slight odour when the fire is extinguished.

Not harmful to health – alcohol, when burned releases water vapour and carbon dioxide in insignificant amounts to health.

Guarantees heating for several hours – on average, a litre of ethanol lasts between two and four hours. Its consumption depends on the size of the selected flame and the ventilation of the room. The flame lasts while the alcohol is in the fireplace.

Fireplaces have ‘burner’ – this base consists of a stainless steel reservoir where the fuel is placed, which has a regulator to turn on, increase or decrease the flame.

Easy to install – bio ethanol fireplaces are easy to install and do not require a specific location to place equipment.

Possible to install in the place intended for the traditional fireplace – bio ethanol fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the house, including areas where traditional chimney equipment was available. Bioethanol fireplace inserts allow you to keep your original fireplace.

Periodic Maintenance – Bio ethanol fireplaces should be cleaned regularly using a damp cloth. Detergent should not contain any contraindicated chemicals for this equipment. Alcohol should be handled with care and placed out of reach of children.

The traditional fashion style is about fresh lines and luxury cloths such as tweeds, silk, cashmere, wool combinations, etc…  The traditional style value caliber and collects classic pieces to get their own wardrobe.  The nautical appearance could appeal for the manner style while they enjoy Xmas and can be fortunate enough to have a yacht or possess accessibility into you personally.  The traditional fashion style prefers to obtain 1 quality thing as opposed to buying a couple of outfits that wouldn’t endure the test of fashion or time.

Contest the most useful brands will be in its optimal degree and now are figurines would be the most economical from the expert market place, wanting to fulfill the endless craving for priceless chic types.  With all the revolution while in the field of the marketplace and communicating, world-class jewelers have arrived at the range of city men and are now not any longer confined by stay inside the precious possession of film and literary celebrities Argyle Art Coins.  Irrespective of precisely what the price range jewelry, in the present modern world comes from a number of diverse kinds to accommodate your personal character.  Every number of jewelers has since become the supreme fashion statement, and it contains remained this way before the day.  The previous small-scale spouse and children jewelry outlets are becoming tremendous company giants carrying tens of tens and thousands of refreshing types annually.  It’s rather an impossible job to create on the astonishing quantity of makes drifting from the present market.  But, dependent on antiquity as well as also their existing grasp around the planet’s market, ” I will enumerate the following several famed jewelry brands and stores.

Listed below would be just four (4) present Tips for the vintage characters

  1. Custom handmade leather fittings

Custom handmade leather equipment really are a must-have for your own traditional style who enjoys on their finishing touches to endure them a life.  Gift suggestions for their might incorporate custom made accessories, briefcases, wallets, watch straps, straps, coin bags, checkbook holders, passport situations, and workplace equipment.  Great for those who are able to get them?

  1. Customized Handcrafted Jewelry

The traditional style prefers jewelry presents which can be exceptional, modern, modern, and handmade with genuine high-quality materials like cultured diamonds, pearls, gold silver or silver.  These tasteful prized and floral jewelry presents might be necklace bracelets or bracelets adorned with pearls, Swarovski crystals earrings, Lebanese silver bracelets and ear rings, watches, etc…  Antiques presents utilizing recycled substances really are a must-have for your own traditional style who appreciates classic and antique jewelers, notably in the art deco period of time.

  1. Timeless style presents for Xmas

If it regards classic style gift suggestions there’s therefore much to choose from.  Even the argyle sweater can be the fantastic mass present for those thinking about timeless vogue and may be present for them.  Even the argyle sweater, such as a traditional wrapping apparel and alter apparel and not moves out of trend and also may be worn out for most winters in the future.  Can it be a joy to realize your present in usage year in, year out?  Still another ideal Unit Sex mass present for their could be your Corduroy coat that can be just another popular as it regards timeless vogue.  Choose corduroy coats with leather elbow patches to put in this ancient allure.

  1. If everything else fails, then you cannot fail using a luxury silk or wool vest. Hand-woven and monogrammed for differentiation consistently creates a classical present.

The short article was made by Arlene James-Thomas to get Monique vogue –  Monique delivers you exceptional, top quality handmade accessories and fashion from all across the globe.  These unique layouts convey and state something around you personally the wearer.  Our only magnificent selection of amazing odd jewelers.

There are surely many flooring options out there as the world of flooring has evolved a lot. From simple tiles flooring to polyester, you will get a myriad of offers when you will begin the hunt for the best flooring in your house. But the one type of flooring that stands out from the crowd and that can be passed from one generation to another is wooden flooring.

The look, feel, and overall appearance of wood flooring is just amazing and this is the main reason why people opt for it without any second thoughts. Some people find the price of wooden flooring to be a bit expensive but the quality that you get with this type of flooring is just unmatchable. You will be surprised to know that dark wood floors of good quality can last for more than 100 years and no other flooring option comes even closer to this type of durability.

But in order to make your dark wood floors last for more than 100 years and that too with the same feel and touch, there are a couple of things that you will need to do and a couple of things that you will need to avoid.

Things to practice with dark wood floors

  • You should always use a doormat at the entrance of your home as this will keep the dirt away from reaching your house. If you will let dirt enter your house through shoes and slippers then the feel of your hardwood floor will be hampered.
  • Make habit of vacuuming and cleaning the wood flooring on a regular basis as this will keep your floor in the right shape and you will not have to deal with bigger maintenance issues. Just vacuuming and mopping will be enough.
  • You will also need to keep the nails of your pet trimmed. It’s true that if you will buy dark wood floors then they will surely be pet friendly but the nails of your pet might ruin the overall finish of your wood flooring and thus it may hamper its overall appearance as well.
  • If you are really serious about the maintenance of your wood flooring then you will need to surely invest in furniture pads. You should know that every time you will sit on the couch, it will move a little and this movement will hamper the quality of your wood flooring.

Things to avoid with wood flooring

  • You should never use wet mops on your wood flooring as this will seriously damage your floor. There can be nothing worse than letting a huge amount of water sit on your wooden flooring for a longer duration of time. If you will let water sit on your wooden floor for more than one minute then it will start hampering its quality.
  • Avoid using hot water while cleaning your wood flooring. Hot water will do the same damage as cold water if you will let it sit for more than a minute. Hot water can easily damage the overall finish of your flooring and it will also penetrate your wood flooring very easily.
  • Don’t use any type of wax or oil on your wood flooring. People have abandoned the use of any oil or wax on their flooring long ago and you should do the same. There are different types of dark wood floors in the market and each one of them behaves differently to different types of treatment.
  • Never leave damp towels or rugs on your wood flooring. Even if there is a small spill on your rug then you should immediately remove it from your wood flooring and let it dry outside the house. If you will allow moisture to grow below the rug then it can cause permanent damage to your wood flooring.

Maintaining the wood floor is not that hard as it requires very little maintenance. But if you will follow the dos and don’ts mentioned in this blog post, then you will be able to make the most of your wooden flooring without any hassle. So, buy your favorite wooden flooring, use the tips mentioned in this blog post, and make your house look opulent for many decades.

Lifestyle is all about one’s ways of perceiving the world through our various activities. A people’s lifestyle tends to differ with changes in geographic location. Such changes lead to the prevailing nature of our communities, which is evident in its socio-economic environments. It is no surprise then that food, and cooking methods vary with differences in societies all over the world. For many in Australia, the octopus is one delicacy that brings out the commonwealth of the nation, its seas.

The octopus is an animal limited to certain parts of the world. It is famous for its high nutritious content. Doctors advise that we should integrate octopus into our dieting as a healthcare measure. This is largely paying to its high-desired fatty oil content. West Australian Octopus, is the leading company in Australia that supplies this sweet dish to your doorstep. No one does this job better when it comes down to getting your octopus on the ropes.


West Australian octopus is an Australian based octopus operation. It is located in the town of Geraldton, popular for its predominant fishing occupants. They boast of being a vertically objective company that deals in the octopus fishery. This means that they perform all services ranging from capturing of the octopus to processing, and preparation.

The operations occur out on the shoreline of the Abrolhos Islands, providing about 80kms of shallow waters for fishing.


The name of the species of octopus used is the O. Tetricus Octopus. It is commonly referred to as the Abrolhos Octopus, giving its proximity to the Abrolhos Islands.


So far in regards to the processing time, the duration is just sufficient to keep the fish product fresh and flavorsome. This is possible since all operations involved in the processing are not outsourced. Having a facility recorded to be the biggest of its kind in Australia, it sits on the shores of the small town of Geraldton.


The menu is quite short having only one species of octopus, the O. Tetricus Octopus. However, there are multiple types of dishes available. The various dishes are well thought out to fit different preferences in consumer taste.

This goes to say that whether you’re a foreigner on a tourist vacation or a native of Australia, there’s a dish awaiting your taste buds.

For individuals, who are more selective in their food preparation, there’s the option to send in a recipe for a chef to prepare your dish to meet your desire. Customer satisfaction is the watchword in this business.


As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”, the company puts this in high esteem. A tour around its first-grade facilities would spell out that they hold hygiene at a high professional standard. As a proof of quality, the company is government certified, having a license to practice from the government.

With a lot of attention to details, this is arguably a company worthy of recommendation in this field. It is common for chefs to pride in processed octopus dishes delivered by West Australia Octopus.

Spain is a country dominated by the Iberian Peninsula, comprised of flat plains, surrounded by hilly terrain and the Pyrenees Mountains to the north. The latter are especially a rich source of marbles, granites and other natural stones used widely in interior design, construction industry, for architectural and decorative surface applications. And it’s an industry as ancient as perhaps the Roman civilization if not more, and hence it’s has innumerable players of all sizes. Ranging from traders, who supply to the local market, to those integrated entities, that own quarries, and at the same time do turnkey projects for all manner of major construction works within Spain and overseas.

One such natural stone company, possessing its own quarry and also executing on turnkey projects, came to us vide the search engine route, and subsequent to scrutinizing our professional deliverables, were eager to work with us. Beginning from a small, sample assignment to do with translation of Spanish content to Arabic for a major tendering bid for a project in Saudi Arabia, which they won, was followed by a lengthy list of assignments on translation services– including upgrading their then current site into a dozen odd global languages. Providing Voice Over, for their YouTube channel videos, subtitling in various languages for dated promo videos from their quite extensive ad library etc.

The latest assignment includes a lead generation campaign covering all of North America, whereby scope of work includes contacting pre-qualified AEC industry noteworthy players, to intro the recipients to the Spanish companies portfolio of natural stones. This has been successful beyond the expectations of the Marketing head on the client side, and it be noted even much more than we at our Agency had intended or planned for – a total runaway success at that.

Drawing on the above, we would be working with the client on similar lines for HK, China and the Japanese market.

Studying for a PhD in the USA is a unique experience for most international students. Needless to say, it is also the most popular destination for doctoral studies. The fundamental difference is the US approach to education involving structured programs featuring comprehensive learning alongside independent research.

PhD in USA – Opportunities:

There are more than 4500 universities in USA where the more than a million international students throng for higher studies. Finding a suitable university to pursue a PhD is onerous for the fact that it is this level of education that USA shines through. A few tips could be of help.

  • Look for the program and not the university alone.
  • Do not differentiate between public and private universities.
  • Check out on extra-curricular facilities for long living
  • Make sure of the accreditations.

Another sensible option is to check the Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education. It is very enlightening.

PhD structure and length:

The US PhD is vastly different and is based on an original research thesis, which is required to be presented and defended. However, this stage is reached by the student only after gruelling class sessions, assessments and exams. It determines the final dissertation topic of the student to pursue research. The usual time taken for a PhD in US universities is 4 to 6 years, with the last 2 to 4 years spent on the actual dissertation.

PhD application process in US universities:

Applying for PhD in USA involves the graduate process itself. The cardinal points to remember are:

  • Availability of doctoral space is limited and hence intensely competitive.
  • The process is holistic, but personal potential and promise play a vital role.
  • You are required to develop your research credentials during the course of the program rather than rely on the previous.

Thus you will need to demonstrate that you are capable of developing your own research task.

Application Documents:

It is only indicative as most US universities have their own norms and admission procedure.

  • Academic Credentials: Apart from your grades, your work during UG and PG studies are important. This includes individual modules and grades in them.
  • Personal Declaration: It is designed in such a way that you can establish a case for your interest in a particular program. You must include your extra-curricular achievements that will project you as an all-round personality to qualify your academic record further.
  • Recommendation Letters: It is expected to be beyond mere references and contains clear recommendation in your favour for study.
  • Test Score: Your graduate study in USA mandates passing of entrance test. Here it is no exception.
  • Research Statement: It is meant to be a general description of the sense of research interest and proposed directions.
  • CV: A comprehensive CV is essential for consideration.

The university will evaluate all the elements of your application, and your personal statement is valued greatly in juxtaposition to your glowing academic record.

Final stage of Admission:

The pattern of education in US universities is such that the graduate program effectively combines Masters and PhD study. Thus it is not necessary to possess a Master’s Degree for PhD in USA. However, a PG degree receives due credit, subject to an assessment of your university.

·         Conversion to GPA:  Your academic grades will be converted to GPA, a system followed by the US universities. The university will determine the GPA equivalent for you.

  • Interview: Though it is not a norm, some universities may adopt the process to identify the right candidates for competitive programs.
  • Decision: It is the outcome of your application – either you succeed or fail. The university informs you of the decision. Sometimes you may be waitlisted.

Bottom Line:

An American PhD is globally acclaimed for its quality. It is the culmination of rigorous academic pursuit alongside original research. A rewarding career is for the asking as a PhD from USA is the hallmark of intense skills and personal development.

Check out fees, eligibility, scholarships and accommodation details to study Phd of Science in USA at