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Tower Road Motel is high-quality Matamata accommodation located the Waikato with extensive awards. They hold TripAdvisor Travellers Choice awards and a Top New Zealand Tourism Site Award. It is located in a quiet, rural environment and surrounded by gardens, 3 minutes by car from all kinds of shops and restaurants.

Matamata is popular because it contains the set for Hobbiton, which you can take a guided tour of, complete with Hobbit holes and the Green Dragon Inn.

They can offer you various types of accommodation:

  • Ground floor units: they have a total of 7.
  • Studios: you can bring a maximum of 3 people and they have a total of 5 studios available.
  • Spacious 1 bedroom units: they fit a total of 4 people; there are 2 of these rooms.

In their facilities, they have land with established trees, along with a playground for the whole family to enjoy. You can relax in their quiet garden. They have a large parking lot for all types of parking – boats, large and small vehicles.

They have various leisure facilities nearby, just 5 minutes away by car, these are the Matamata Golf Course, the Opal Hot Springs and the Matamata racecourse.

Local to the motel are a range of activities. These activities will consist of:

  • Excursions to the Middle-Earth: you can take a guided tour of the sheep farm that was converted into the Hobbiton Movie Set – where the films that form the saga of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were made.
  • Playing golf in any of the 7 courses available within a 30m drive.
  • Lunch at cafes and restaurants.
  • Manicures, pedicures and salon treatments.
  • Clay bird shooting. This involves the use of AR guns like AR-10 rifles.
  • Tramping: See the Wairere Falls has a two-stage walk; each stage has a duration of 45 minutes with views so wonderful that you can see both the district and of course, falls themselves.
  • Mineral pools: Opal Hot Springs are 3 minutes away and the Te Aroha Mineral Spa Bath House if you want a private spa is 25 minutes drive.
  • Boating: you can visit Lake Karapiro, located about 15 minutes from the motel to spend a day on the water; you can rent kayaks or book a cruise to take a tour of the lake.
  • Paragliding and parachuting trips: you can throw yourself from a paragliding cliff or even skydive.
  • Stables: you can visit some stables early in the morning, where you can see the best racing horses that exist in the country.
  • Artists: many of these artists take advantage of tourist visits to show their works, which you can enjoy.
  • Firth Tower and the museum: if you take a walk of approximately 1.5 km, you will reach the tower that Tower Road is named after and the historical museum; it will show you how the agricultural activities were in that area 140 years ago.
  • Cycle route: you can take a cycle trail through the Hauraki Rail Trail, going from Te Aroha to the Tower Road Motel with a total of 37 km of travel.

Every single car in the world has to pass a break test. Brake tests are measured for braking efficiency and the vehicle must past the test to be road-worthy.

Over 1.8 billion cars in the world go through brake testing and have to pass the test as well. So, if any car happened to fail the test even once, it’s time to be redone or fixed.

That’s a lot of cars that have to be taken care of on a day to day basis and not only that almost every car has to be re-inspected every two years or so and pass not only a break test, but also engine check, systems, suspensions, lights, steering, and any car leakage.

Brake testing equipment is to be used for EVERY Warrant of Fitness inspection. The Transport Agency will take action against automotive businesses that are using out of date brake meters or not using them at all in their vehicle inspections. When brake tests are not properly being conducted, garages get suspended and vehicle owners are urged to get WOFs rechecked.

Now let’s dive into what brake meter is and what its certification is?

A Break meter that measures the decelerating effects of vehicle brakes, It can also be used to test all types of vehicles such as cars, 4x4s, trucks, buses and vans.

Here in New Zealand, brake meter certification can be done with a local provider who will calibrate it with a 24 hour turnover. It can be done efficiently by sending it through a courier.

You will also be provided with a certification reminder for the next check on your brake meters as the LTSA requires brake performance testing equipment to be calibrated at least once a year.

You would want your break meter to be certified and always ready to go whenever you need it at any time.



Customer Experience Management

This is one of the phenomenon used by a business by which helps it in managing and organizing the interactions of customer with a business. The goal of this phenomena is to enhance customer interactions so they form positive perceptions about a brand. This also helps in strengthening customer loyalty and in building positive relationships with the customers for a long term. Not only that, it also helps in gaining a competitive edge over the competitors.

Why it is important? 

Why this management of customer experience is so important because today customers are surrounded by a number of brands. It is much easy for a customer to switch over to a new brand if he did not have a positive experience with one brand. Negative customer experience impacts the brand image and its reputation. A dissatisfied customer might write negative reviews about the brand on social media, or persuade his/her friends to not use a certain brands products and services just because he’s had a bad experience. This can cause the brand image to suffer a lot. Therefore customer experience management is highly important and businesses are investing a lot in this area by creating customer experience strategy. This helps in maximizing brand worth and value. It aids in identifying various channels where to access customers.

How customer experience affects behavior of customers

The experience customer have had with a brand helps in shaping his behavior accordingly.

  • Positive experiences can lead to favorable behaviors and positive responses by customers, mainly increased loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Negative behaviors can lead to unfavorable behaviors and negative responses by customers, mainly bad words of mouth, or switching to a competitor.

These are some of the ways customer experience affects consumer behavior.

Impact on emotions of customers

It has a great influence on the emotions of the customers. If customer experiences have been positive, and the brand succeeds in meeting customers demand and requirements, the customer will build positive emotions with the brand.

Impacts on customer retention

Customer experience also impacts the behaviors of customers in the areas of customer retention. It will be easy to retain a satisfied customer to stick to a brand and consider it for future services. However, a dissatisfied customer will look for other options and definitely switch over to a competitor.

Impact on creating positive customer expectations

It influences in forming customer expectations as well. When a customer has a good experience with a certain brand, he forms positive perceptions about that brand. A customer also starts to expect more from such a brand. When brands meets his expectations, he becomes overwhelmed and shows commitment to the brand for a longer period of time.

Impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty

If the customer feels that a brand is providing value to them by accessing their needs, wants, desires, and by targeting them accurately, them the customer in return provides value to the brand in the form of increased sales and by building long term relationships with the brand. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Impact on purchasing power & customer buying patterns

A highly satisfied and loyal customer who has had positive experiences with your brand will spend more and make more purchases. It has a great influence on a customer’s buying patterns.



Iceland is a beautiful country and is mostly covered with snow and ice. With volcanic activity, thermal pools, dramatic landscapes, and glaciers this beautiful country has a lot of excitement to offer. According to Mark Roemer, Iceland is a land of myth and legends that can thrill you with its scenic beauty, mythical creatures, and cultural experience.


Here are some of the best things to do in Iceland:

  1. Go for glacier hiking and ice-caving – Iceland is a land of frozen landscapes where you can witness floating icebergs, sweeping glaciers, and dazzling blue ice caves. But still, you will be surprised to know that the country has a mild temperature, especially during the warm summer days. So, it is the perfect place for ice-caving and glacier hiking. Hornstrandir nature reserve is the best place for hiking in Iceland.
  2. Admire the Dynjandi Waterfall – Dynjandi waterfall is known to be the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland and it is located on Dynjandi vogue Bay. As you proceed to the location, you will find a lot of small waterfalls before you finally see the main attraction, the raging water of Dynjandi. If you ever go to Iceland, you should never forget to visit this waterfall. There is a camping area near this waterfall where you can stay and enjoy the majestic view of the waterfall.
  3. Spend some time on Raudasandur beach – Raudasandur beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the sand you find here are pink and red. Some of the most common activities people do on this beach are sunbathing, seaside walk, etc. You can also enjoy pounding waves as well as the turquoise lagoon.
  4. Swim in Blue Lagoon – Blue Lagoon is the most famous attraction in Iceland. In the Blue Lagoon, you can experience amazing spas, the warm and soothing water, charming surroundings, and billowing steam stack, making it the best place for the visitors. The water of the Blue Lagoon islands contains silica and other minerals that have healing properties and every year, millions of people come to this place from all over the world to treat a range of skin conditions as well as other ailments.
  5. Visit Snaefellsjokull National park: Snaefellsjokull National Park is located on the Snaefellsnes peninsula and is known for its signature glacier named Snaefellsjokull. In this national park, you can witness amazing lava tubes as well as lava fields and it also has a wide range of local flora and fauna.

If you are a lover of nature, then this place will certainly be the best for you and you will also find a plethora of local coastal species. Apart from that, as a nature lover, you can also go for whale watching in this park.


According to Mark Roemer, these are some of the best places to visit in Iceland and you should visit all of them if you can. Also, try to immerse yourself in the culture of Iceland while visiting to fully appreciate the beauty of the country.


Antarctica is a frozen continent is 1.5 times bigger than the United States of America and is one of the most mysterious places on earth. In Antarctica, 99 percent of the area is covered by ice and 70 percent of the world’s freshwater is contained in this continent as it has 90 percent of ice on earth. According to Reviews, many strange things were found in this mysterious continent where you will get penguins almost everywhere.

The Things

Here are some strange things that you can find in Antarctica:

  1. Frozen Methane – In the ice of Antarctica, you will find a huge amount of mesmerizing ice bubbles which is actually methane in frozen form. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is very dangerous and worse than carbon dioxide. Methane that is hidden in the ice of Antarctica may lead to the explosion in the form of methane bomb if the glaciers continue to recede. So, frozen methane poses a serious threat to human beings if the glaciers melt totally due to global warming.
  2. Giant Hole – In the year 2017, a huge hole was found in Antarctica that is larger than Netherland. These kinds of holes were also previously found in Antarctica which is known as Polynyas. In Antarctica, the top layer of the ice melts when warm water is pushed towards the surface of the ocean. In such a case, the atmosphere of Antarctica comes in contact with the water surface and sinks as it cools down. Then, the water heats up and rises back towards the surface which makes such a large hole in Antarctica.
  3. Dangerous Bacteria – In the ice of Antarctica, some dangerous bacteria are found that remains hidden underneath the ice. Scientists have found that these bacteria are as old as 420000 years. However, scientists still could not make sure whether the ice in which the bacteria hides themselves acts as a preventive measure that makes the microbes intact until the ice melts.
  4. Hidden city – There are hundreds of cities in Antarctica and it is believed that this frozen content was home to the lost city of Atlantis. It is said that a long time ago, Antarctica was as warm as Los Angeles is now. Thus, it may be quite possible that a society could have existed before the ice age. But, it cannot be said whether it was the lost city of Atlantis or other civilizations. However, even if any society had existed, it is now lost forever as the continent is completely frozen.
  5. Deep lake – A deep lake exists in the East Antarctica that is considered to be the most remarkable ecosystem in the world. Despite the freezing temperature, the water of the deep lake is very salty and it is dangerous for penguins to swim in this lake as its water is colder than that of the ocean.


According to Reviews, these are just a few facts that we have discovered about this mysterious continent. As modern technology improves, we may be able to explore the unexplored parts of this frozen continent and discover even more fascinating things.


In recent years, heart problems have become a leading cause of death all across the globe. The sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and negligence of symptoms that show an unhealthy heart are all reasons that have made it a life-threatening issue. Cardio-vascular diseases occur when blood flow to the heart is partially cut off due to blocked arteries. Handy believes that it is important to understand the state of your heart and take some preventive and necessary steps to avoid any mishaps.

The Signs

Here are some warning signs that indicate that your heart is not healthy:

  1. Aching in the shoulder and chest – Chest pains are an indicator of a potential impending heart attack. Sometimes, tightness and strain on the heart make its way to the shoulder area which is called angina. This happens due to irregular and interrupted flow of blood to the heart. So, if you have a slow and gradual building of pain in the shoulder area, it is time to get alert and seek medical help.
  2. Sore gums and jaw – Gum diseases like gingivitis are an indicator that there may be something wrong with your heart. Jaw pain is also a symptom of a heart attack, although it is not always a matter of concern. Gum diseases and heart issues are related, and if this persists then it is best to consult your doctor. Such issues should be looked after by seeking medical help.
  3. Puffy legs and feet – Often, swelling in legs and feet happen because of the improper flow of blood to the heart. If you happen to notice swelling in your legs or ankle later in the day that happens due to an increase in the pressure of blood in the lower limbs, it is best to get medical assistance. As blood isn’t flowing back or flowing into the heart properly, it causes blood to clot and leads to cardiac arrest.
  4. Dizziness or lightheadedness – When blood flow to the brain is restricted because of the improper functioning of the heart, the patient might experience lightheadedness or even fainting. Dizziness, especially when standing up too quickly is an extremely common symptom for people with heart failure.
  5. Fatigue and shortness of breath – Although these are very common among people who have just recovered from an illness or are not keeping good health, it could also be an indicator of heart disease. If you experience breathlessness during activity, rest, or while sleeping, it is a matter of grave concern. This often results in difficulty breathing while lying flat. It happens as blood vessels can get blocked up and it spreads to the lungs causing shortness of breath.


Some other symptoms like snoring or sleeping problems and random bouts of cold sweats may also be an indicator of an unhealthy heart. Handy feels that it is best to practice healthy ways of life to revert any untouched medical conditions pertaining to your heart. Implementing an active lifestyle and monitoring your regular check-ups can help you live a long and healthy life.


Dogs are more loyal to us than any living being on the planet and we still haven’t been able to figure out why these selfless and caring canines are devoted to us in the first place. New dog owners may face a bit of a challenge to understand the unspoken language of their adorable pets. Matthew Davies addresses that problem with some helpful clues that would give you a better understanding of your pet dog.

The Clues

Here are some clues that would help you to understand your dog better:

  1. The Tail Wagging – Your dog wags its tail in numerous ways to let you know plenty of things about its mood and needs. If your dog wags its lowered tail slowly it might be having a hard time understanding what to do in the current situation. It is a subtle way of them asking you for instructions.

When your dog is wagging its tail rapidly it understands that you are in charge. On the other hand, when the tail is raised and tremors slightly your dog may be challenging your authority. This behavior is pretty common since dogs have a pack mentality due to their wolf lineage and constantly looking forward to following or be the alpha.

  1. The tail is tucked inside – If your dog has its tail tucked between its legs then it might be scared or feeling very uncomfortable. It usually happens when they are really afraid of someone or something (maybe another animal). But if this behavior is repeated quite often, you should take your pet to the vet.

  1. The eyes – If your four-legged friend has wide-open eyes, it might be trying to get your attention and expects a response from you. So, it is better to approach unfamiliar dogs without directly staring at their eyes. For dogs and many other animals, this is a sign of aggression.

When your dog wants to play or wants to go out for a walk, they may be squinting their eyes and blinking at you. But if this behavior shows quite often, they might be in pain.

  1. The ears – When your dog is in a new environment or feeling curious about anything new, it usually has its ears inclined forward or straight up. Your dog is attentive at everything around itself and trying to figure out new food, person, or environment.

Dogs keep their ears flattened against the head to let you know they are scared. It may not be both ears, but the left ear is usually flattened when it is scared. Dogs may also react to unfamiliar people in this way. If you or your dog aren’t in a dangerous situation, try to calm it down by petting and hugging them.


Dogs are one of the best things that happened to human beings. They never leave your side even in the worst situations and there are hundreds of stories about their bravery and loyalty. Matthew Davies suggests that you use these clues to better understand your dog and have a trustworthy relationship with your loyal friend.

Having a child is one of the best gifts that you will ever receive in your life. There is this common interpretation that pregnancy is associated with a glowing face and clear complexion. Well, if that is what you are thinking, you will be in for a rude shock after the hormone imbalance, which will leave your skin covered with breakouts, and after the delivery, which will show stretch marks left by the carriage of the baby.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this. You have literally pushed out a living human being out of you so, you don’t need to worry about your skin too much. However, if you do want to take preventive caution, we are more than happy to help you. In this article, we have compiled a list of the different problems that women may face after pregnancy and what they can do to curb it.


Melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy“ is a borderline serious pigmentation condition that is one of the more common skin issues that women face after giving birth. In this case, brownish patches start surfacing on different parts of your skin.

The main cause of melasma is the increased production of melanin in the skin cells which is brought about by a combination of hormonal and genetic reasons. Of course, if you spend a lot of time soaking in the sun while being then it is possible as well. The affected areas generally include temples, cheeks, upper lips, forehead, the bridge of the nose, and jawline.

The best way to reduce the appearance of the brown spots is by ensuring the regular use of sunscreen and lightening topicals like creams and lotions. In case the problem still persists, you can schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or doctor to opt for other treatments such as light therapy, laser therapy, or chemical peeling. Always inform the doctor in case you are breastfeeding since a few prescribed topical agents may contain ingredients that should be avoided by a breastfeeding mum like hydroquinone and tretinoin.


The main cause of acne is the expedited secretion of oil and sebum in our skin cells. Now, since pregnancy is mostly characterized by hormonal changes, acne can become quite a norm. In fact, women who have always enjoyed spot-free and blemish-free skin may start breaking out once they have had their baby.

The good news is that the acne should clear after the pregnancy within a few weeks. The bad news is that you might be left with scarred tissue if you’re not careful enough to get it treated.

You can use various acne products that can be purchased over the counter and by applying the products diligently, you will find a considerable reduction in its appearance within a short span of time.

Although most of the over-the-counter products are safe for breastfeeding, it will be better if you get a doctor’s opinion before you start applying anything.

Stretch Marks

A whopping 90 percent of pregnant women develop stretch marks on their stomachs, breasts, and thighs after becoming pregnant. Stretch marks are basically scarred issues that look reddish in color initially when they are fresh but they may start looking white or gray after delivery.

It’s important that you start using a stretch mark cream as soon as you start showing and even continue the application after you give birth. The stretch marks may not go completely, but they will most certainly become less prominent.

There might be cases where the stretch marks are severe due to which dermatologists may prescribe tretinoin cream that can be applied postpartum but not when you’re still breastfeeding.


Also known as dermatitis, eczema is in a non-infectious skin condition so you don’t have to worry about it spreading to your baby. The main cause of this skin condition is when the underlying sensitive issue with your skin becomes suddenly aggravated.

The best way to control eczema would be to use a moisturizer or lotion that has been specially formulated to provide relief to itchy and inflamed skin. You can make use of topical like steroid creams in these cases as well. Another tip that we would like to give you is to refrain from frequent hand washing. Yet, if you can’t help it make sure to keep moisturizing your hands.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are the extra growth that, although harmless, can be a bit frustrating. They resemble small and loose pieces of skin. Skin tags can literally grow any part of your body, including the face, neck, and stomach. But, the more common places include the areas under your arms after pregnancy.

Now, there isn’t really anything that you can do to prevent skin tag growth. But yes, you can easily remove it after pregnancy by opting for cosmetic removal.


PUPPP, standing for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy, is a type of pregnancy – that is a bit itchy with a reddish appearance. These rashes mostly appear on the areas around your stretch marks, especially on your arms, legs, and buttocks.

Again, PUPPP is a harmless condition that still quite annoying. You can use a steroid cream that will provide itching relief while simultaneously curbing its spread to the other parts of your body.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium refers to the condition in which your hair starts falling about three months after giving birth to your baby. Even though it is a self-limiting condition, many women can get distressed seeing an increased rate of hair fall. Even then, you can recover fully within six months easily.

If you do feel that your condition is a bit more serious, schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. The main reason for a bit most severe case of telogen effluvium is when your iron levels are low. Your doctor might prescribe you topical medications that you can use if you are not breastfeeding.

Resources — Thomson Medical, UT Southwestern


When you have evaluating the look of your own building, you might first think about the bodily layout. Then you might think about aesthetic features such as the carpet as well as paint, or practical additions like the lighting as well as elevators. They are all important within their own methods, but probably the most significant style elements within the building tend to be virtually silent and invisible. TED Systems focuses on providing the fundamental security techniques, fire security alarm systems, and marketing communications systems which keep a company running properly and effectively. Though you might not see these types of elements shown prominently, they’re vitally important to the actual functionality from the building in general.

TED Techniques offers an array of electronic systems that may be designed to match your individual requirements. No 2 companies may operate a similar way. The particular concerns of the business could be addressed easily whenever you choose the custom program with skilled engineers. Protection, communications, and fireplace alarm techniques all have to be designed carefully using the needs from the building and also the company in your mind. With the corporation, you may even choose to set up integrated techniques that fulfill many needs at the same time and keep your entire creating covered. The revolutionary possibilities with regard to integrating various options that come with security as well as fire security are huge.

When you are designing brand new electronics systems for the building, there are a number of things to consider. Working by having an experienced group will make sure that you never forget an essential point. TED Techniques can update and enhance your current systems or even design an entire new application simply for your company. This company can also be very knowledgeable with regards to building as well as safety rules. This can help keep your installations tend to be always good law, even if you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of creating codes your self. The completed systems can lower your risk associated with fire as well as theft as well as improve workplace communication.

If you think that your own building is actually lacking some thing, it might be time to think about all the advantages that numerous electronic systems will offer you. You are able to increase protection with digital cameras to keep track of important places, access manage systems about the doors, along with a mass notice system within the building. You are able to reduce fireplace risk having a custom notify system. Improve your marketing communications and intercom program for building-wide bulletins or crisis notifications. TED Techniques can complete these installations and can even remain on call with regard to regular maintenance with the life of the system. Routine appointments are standard to maintain everything in top condition.