Barbara Victoria Montalvo – Brand Building for Your Fashion Blog Through Social Media


Brand building is incomplete without social media platforms and marketing. There are two reasons for this. The first being that creating awareness for their brands is one of the foremost priorities for marketers online. This holds true for Business to Business and Business to Customers online. The second reason for the above is there are over 2.1 billion people, just a little over two-thirds on Internet users online that have accounts on social media platforms. Here, it is simple for you to understand why business leaders agree that social media is indispensable for brand building. This is equally true for a fashion blog, and this post will let you know how.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo – The need for consistency on social media

Barbara Victoria Montalvo is a popular name in the field of fashion blogging in New York. She is well-known for her high end and street style fashion collection. She says, as a fashion blogger, you need to keep your targeted audience updated consistently on the latest fashion trends and styles. When it comes to social media platforms, they help you to maintain this consistency.

Brand building needs time and a lot of patience on your part

She says building your brand never takes place overnight. You need a lot of patience and time for this. For instance, if you take the example of Nike, it took this sports apparel company about 15 years to establish its brand by maintaining a 360- degree delivery approach. Note that its brand was consistent in customer service, products, packaging, and advertising.

The brand-building needs to be strong on social media platforms

The key focus of all fashion bloggers or, for that matter, anyone that wishes to have a large online presence, it is crucial to establish a brand that is consistent and strong across all platforms. The profile of your brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as everywhere else, needs a unified presence online. This should always be in tune with the brand’s style and essence. You need to be consistent with style, color, language, and graphics. Posting must be regular, and you should stick to a routine. She says that whatever routine you embrace, the key here is to be consistent so that your readers and followers know exactly what is coming from you. If you wish to follow companies that have hit the bull’s eye when it comes to social media, you should follow the accounts of Target, Amazon, and Google. These companies have maintained unity and consistency over social media platforms.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo also says that you should have a logo that represents the philosophy of the brand. You should ensure that your logo displays your business message positively to your targeted audience. Make sure you use colors with meaning and impact. The logo should be professional in design and should be used in all online and offline platforms. With the right logo, you are able to connect with your targeted audience and reach out to them with the right brand appeal.

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