Customer experience and Consumer Behavior

Customer experience

Customer Experience Management

This is one of the phenomenon used by a business by which helps it in managing and organizing the interactions of customer with a business. The goal of this phenomena is to enhance customer interactions so they form positive perceptions about a brand. This also helps in strengthening customer loyalty and in building positive relationships with the customers for a long term. Not only that, it also helps in gaining a competitive edge over the competitors.

Why it is important? 

Why this management of customer experience is so important because today customers are surrounded by a number of brands. It is much easy for a customer to switch over to a new brand if he did not have a positive experience with one brand. Negative customer experience impacts the brand image and its reputation. A dissatisfied customer might write negative reviews about the brand on social media, or persuade his/her friends to not use a certain brands products and services just because he’s had a bad experience. This can cause the brand image to suffer a lot. Therefore customer experience management is highly important and businesses are investing a lot in this area by creating customer experience strategy. This helps in maximizing brand worth and value. It aids in identifying various channels where to access customers.

How customer experience affects behavior of customers

The experience customer have had with a brand helps in shaping his behavior accordingly.

  • Positive experiences can lead to favorable behaviors and positive responses by customers, mainly increased loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Negative behaviors can lead to unfavorable behaviors and negative responses by customers, mainly bad words of mouth, or switching to a competitor.

These are some of the ways customer experience affects consumer behavior.

Impact on emotions of customers

It has a great influence on the emotions of the customers. If customer experiences have been positive, and the brand succeeds in meeting customers demand and requirements, the customer will build positive emotions with the brand.

Impacts on customer retention

Customer experience also impacts the behaviors of customers in the areas of customer retention. It will be easy to retain a satisfied customer to stick to a brand and consider it for future services. However, a dissatisfied customer will look for other options and definitely switch over to a competitor.

Impact on creating positive customer expectations

It influences in forming customer expectations as well. When a customer has a good experience with a certain brand, he forms positive perceptions about that brand. A customer also starts to expect more from such a brand. When brands meets his expectations, he becomes overwhelmed and shows commitment to the brand for a longer period of time.

Impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty

If the customer feels that a brand is providing value to them by accessing their needs, wants, desires, and by targeting them accurately, them the customer in return provides value to the brand in the form of increased sales and by building long term relationships with the brand. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Impact on purchasing power & customer buying patterns

A highly satisfied and loyal customer who has had positive experiences with your brand will spend more and make more purchases. It has a great influence on a customer’s buying patterns.


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