Developing Strategies for Improving Organizational Performance with Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

People working in organizations often find themselves drawn into the routine of business without thinking about how to improve their performance. It is quite natural for people to become satisfied with the status quo and to become accustomed to their level of functioning. Organizations can use this information to develop appropriate training programs and career paths for individuals who demonstrate low levels of job effectiveness.

People who are confident about the work they do and satisfied with the level of their performance often feel that it is unnecessary to keep improving themselves because they are already working at a high level. This problem can be particularly serious for people who are doing well on specific tasks but have difficulty with interpersonal relationships or have fallen into bad habits that cause them to make mistakes on jobs they should be able to handle easily.

The emotional and intellectual commitment necessary for a person to move from one level of effectiveness to another requires the acquisition and application of knowledge. People should be taught to become aware of the attitudes and skills they need to develop in order to increase their performance.

Psychometric assessment is an evaluation that measures and quantifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for people to reach higher levels of performance. The development of psychometric assessments can provide a framework for developing appropriate training programs. Psychometric assessment can also provide a knowledge base upon which future research can be conducted in an attempt to discover additional ways to improve the performance.

1. Develop psychometric assessment measures:

Psychometric assessment measures can be developed in a variety of ways. The most basic forms of psychometric assessment are used to measure the level of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary for people to reach higher levels of performance. If a basic knowledge test is given to employees, they should be evaluated on how well they know the information they need to perform their jobs. An assessment of skills would require employees to demonstrate specific ways that they apply the knowledge they already have in order to achieve higher levels of performance. A decision making test would evaluate the extent to which an employee could use the skills and knowledge he or she already has in order to make appropriate decisions.

2. Use existing data for audit purposes:

People must understand that psychometric assessment does not provide an automatic justification for implementing specific changes in policy, procedure and practice within an organization. Psychometric assessment can indicate the extent to which people are using the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to reach higher levels of performance. It indicates how well people are doing in relation to other people who have taken the same assessment and with respect to their own performance in previous assessments. It should provide additional justification for the decision to make changes in policy, procedure and practice so that people can be better prepared to reach higher levels of performance.

3. Develop educational programs for employees:

Psychometric assessment can be used effectively as a basis for developing educational programs that can help people improve their performance. Psychometric testing provides an objective and valid way of developing training programs that can help people acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for them to perform at increased levels. Psychometric testing provides an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback from participants on how they are doing in relation to other people who have taken the same assessment and with respect to their own performance in previous assessments.

4. Develop training strategies based on psychometric assessment:

It is possible to develop training programs that will provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to improve their performance. The types of training selected should help employees to learn new things. People who already possess a high level of knowledge can be taught how to use it more effectively in order to solve problems and how to make optimal decisions in specific situations. People need skills that will enable them to be effective in a variety of situations and that can be used over and over again. It is important that people develop positive attitudes towards their work.

5. Develop measures that are consistent with principles of sound measurement:

People need to have a clear understanding of how the results from different types of testing methods should be interpreted and what type of training should be applied in response to these results. People who design and develop assessment procedures must also understand how to evaluate whether the results are useful for making decisions about individual training needs. This evaluation should include a determination of whether test scores are significantly related to important criteria, such as job performance or promotion potential. It is also important to test the usefulness of the results in order to ensure that they are reasonable and appropriate for their intended use.

6. Develop specific training programs:

Psychometric assessment measures must be used as evidence for developing tailored training programs that incorporate psychometric assessment and knowledge about particular job requirements. It is important to assess and compare the results that are obtained from different procedures in order to select the most appropriate one for a person. It is also important to determine whether test scores are related to the criterion variables of interest. It is important to remember that a single test score does not reflect overall performance.

7. Develop promotion procedures:

Psychometric assessment results can be used by organizations to develop promotion procedures that would help to ensure that their employees have the level of performance necessary for them to reach higher levels of achievement. Psychometric assessment can provide an objective way for evaluating these higher level positions in terms of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for individual’s to perform them successfully.

8. Develop research programs:

Psychometric assessment measures can provide a basis for conducting research into how people can be helped in order to increase their performance. Psychometric assessment provides information that can be used as a basis of constructing systematic and valid research studies. This research can help people develop new methods and approaches that reach higher levels of effectiveness as well as methods that can more effectively help them deal with problems they may face in their current jobs or future jobs.

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