Family Lawyer: What do they do and what are their services?

Family Lawyer

Have you ever had a family issue that cannot be resolved? If so, the best solution is to hire a family lawyer. The family lawyer arises in order to protect the domestic unit and fulfil the rights and duties.

Check the website will tell you what the main functions and responsibilities of a family lawyer are and when it is recommended that you hire one.

 What is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a professional who specialises in providing legal support and advice. He or she is also in charge of informing about the different courses of action in a specific situation, in order to solve a problem in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

Family lawyers are then responsible for providing advice on all legal aspects related to the family, the family environment and the relationships and assets between family members. This area is known as Family Law.

Family Law is a branch of Civil Law, and a family lawyer has several functions that relate to domestic and family issues.

Family law is a very broad area of practice that encompasses many sectors and touches on intimate aspects. The website  provides a general introduction to other family law topics. Look it up!

What issues does a family lawyer deal with?

A Family Lawyer covers many very delicate situations, as they involve a strong personal impact. The lawyer acts as a mediator to offer advice in different cases, such as marriages, divorces and separations. They are also usually hired when it comes to the settlement of matrimonial property or separation of assets.

In addition to this, they should also be hired in cases of domestic violence, physical or psychological, since one of the objectives of this type of lawyer is to deal with violence in the family environment.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a violent situation, the family lawyer can help you and accompany you during the legal proceedings to defend your rights and those of your children, if necessary. , and will all provide you with legal counsel in addition to advising you on how your attorney handles all the talks with your spouse and their attorney.

Another situation in which family lawyers can intervene is when maintenance issues are being dealt with, i.e. when the scheme is not being complied with, family lawyers can help to resolve this.

Finally, one of the most frequent reasons for requesting the services of a family lawyer is when dealing with such sensitive issues as child custody and adoptions.

As you may have noticed, the issues that a family lawyer deals with are very varied and can be very sensitive due to their personal nature. In many cases the disputes for which they are requested include minors, so it is always necessary to make sure that you hire a lawyer whose services are regular and reliable. A family lawyer must have first-hand knowledge of the family’s problems in order to provide the best solution to the situation at hand. For this reason, it is recommended that only one lawyer be sought who is committed to personally attending to the client, since it is necessary to achieve a personalised and direct treatment with him.

We hope that this article on the functions and services offered by a family lawyer has been useful to you.

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