Handy Discusses the Advantages of IPTV Subscriptions

Handy Discusses the Advantages of IPTV Subscriptions

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Cable television is still good enough, or so it seems. According to Handy, there are a multitude of advantages that come with an IPTV subscription, and anyone who experiences it once just can’t go back to a traditional cable subscription. So, what does an internal protocol television subscription offer that cable TV can’t? Let’s take a look:

The Advantages

  1. You dictate the time of the show, not the other way – This is probably one of the biggest advantages that IPTV has over Cable TV. There is no television schedule you have to plan around. You watch a show exactly when you want it. While there are a few IPTV platforms that still upload shows on specific days of the week, most platforms release all the episodes at a single time. So, you can binge-watch a whole series without the anticipation that tortures you throughout the week. No need for extra devices to record your favorite shows. Watch it at your own time.
  1. Media entertainment designed by you – Another amazing advantage of IPTV is that you get to curate the content you consume. You don’t need to depend on the will and whim of the networks. Make your own media programming with your own favorite shows, live television, and movies that you can access on-demand. Apart from that you also have access to podcasts, radio, and other content from websites and interactive apps. You can become the master of your TV programming.
  1. Varied content – Television is meant for television. Well, that’s certainly not the case with an IPTV subscription. Apart from your television, you can also stream media on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other such devices. So, you don’t just watch shows when you want, but where you want as well. Watch an episode of Game of Thrones while having your lunch in front of the TV and watch the next episode on your smartphone while you wait for your appointment at the dentist.
  1. Long, expensive contracts don’t exist – Cable Companies have benefitted for a long time by forcing you into extended and expensive contracts. You had to pay for the channels you didn’t want and if you didn’t sign the contract, free channels over the antennae have some horror stories for you. With IPTV you have immense flexibility since you even have the freedom to access all the content at monthly subscriptions.
  1. Global entertainment at your command – While living in the United States, you can bring content from the UK into your home with an IPTV subscription. You can also watch a local show from the States, when you are doing your major form a university in Germany. IPTV has brought more freedom, democracy, and globalization to your television. You can check up on the news from the other side of the planet or watch a show from a different culture.


Handy suggests that you switch to IPTV subscription as soon as possible and free yourself from the shackles of cable television. The benefits are much more tempting compared to the traditional cable subscription.

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