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Handy Looks at Warning Signs That Your Heart Is Not Working Properly

Warning Signs

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In recent years, heart problems have become a leading cause of death all across the globe. The sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, and negligence of symptoms that show an unhealthy heart are all reasons that have made it a life-threatening issue. Cardio-vascular diseases occur when blood flow to the heart is partially cut off due to blocked arteries. Handy believes that it is important to understand the state of your heart and take some preventive and necessary steps to avoid any mishaps.

The Signs

Here are some warning signs that indicate that your heart is not healthy:

  1. Aching in the shoulder and chest – Chest pains are an indicator of a potential impending heart attack. Sometimes, tightness and strain on the heart make its way to the shoulder area which is called angina. This happens due to irregular and interrupted flow of blood to the heart. So, if you have a slow and gradual building of pain in the shoulder area, it is time to get alert and seek medical help.
  2. Sore gums and jaw – Gum diseases like gingivitis are an indicator that there may be something wrong with your heart. Jaw pain is also a symptom of a heart attack, although it is not always a matter of concern. Gum diseases and heart issues are related, and if this persists then it is best to consult your doctor. Such issues should be looked after by seeking medical help.
  3. Puffy legs and feet – Often, swelling in legs and feet happen because of the improper flow of blood to the heart. If you happen to notice swelling in your legs or ankle later in the day that happens due to an increase in the pressure of blood in the lower limbs, it is best to get medical assistance. As blood isn’t flowing back or flowing into the heart properly, it causes blood to clot and leads to cardiac arrest.
  4. Dizziness or lightheadedness – When blood flow to the brain is restricted because of the improper functioning of the heart, the patient might experience lightheadedness or even fainting. Dizziness, especially when standing up too quickly is an extremely common symptom for people with heart failure.
  5. Fatigue and shortness of breath – Although these are very common among people who have just recovered from an illness or are not keeping good health, it could also be an indicator of heart disease. If you experience breathlessness during activity, rest, or while sleeping, it is a matter of grave concern. This often results in difficulty breathing while lying flat. It happens as blood vessels can get blocked up and it spreads to the lungs causing shortness of breath.


Some other symptoms like snoring or sleeping problems and random bouts of cold sweats may also be an indicator of an unhealthy heart. Sleep is very important to your health because it clears your mind and gives you all the energy that you need. Therefore, it is important to know how to fall asleep better so that you can get the rest that you need. If you want to know more about better sleep, click on this website

Handy feels that it is best to practice healthy ways of life to revert any untouched medical conditions pertaining to your heart.

Implementing an active lifestyle and monitoring your regular check-ups can help you live a long and healthy life. Do you want to take good care of your heart? Visit, which is our website. You may learn how to take excellent care of your heart, and if you put that advice into practice, your heart will be healthy in no time!

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