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Construction Accident Law

Power and Santola LLP, provides many services to facilitate their clients. They cover many key areas that can cover construction site accidents. The accidents at the construction sites are mainly due to the negligence of the staff, co -workers, or the contractors. Construction sites are a place full of dangerous physical work and one needs to be very cautious while performing any task. The employer or the contractor must follow all the safety measures in order to prevent any accidents, as with such tough labor tasks the injuries that occur can be both serious and even fatal. So it is the duty of every employer to maintain the safety of its workers. Learn more about accident law and other laws on this dedicated website:

So working in such a tough environment the workers are to be facilitated. The Power and Santola LLP, makes sure that the workers understand their rights and receive the compensations in any case of construction site accidents.

The Construction accident law firm New York provides help to the individuals who have faced some serious injuries as the result of carelessness of others. They mainly focus on their client’s well being. Their main goal is to bring a significant change in the lives of the workers working at the construction sites in New York.

They help the worker to recover all the monetary damages as the result of the injury that they have faced, and you move towards the recovery phase prior to the time when the injury happened. This firm has all the experience and skills to handle any construction site accident cases.  This law firm has helped a lot of injured workers who were employed at the construction, manufacturing, or other industry related tasks.

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The Scaffolding law comes under the title of Labor laws, with this the workers are provided with the protection that they might need in case of any accident.

Compensation is given to the workers in case an accident occurs. The compensation given to the workers is a no fault system. The workers get these compensations no matter who is to blame and whoever is at fault; the worker or the employer. The construction employer or the contractor must buy the compensation insurance coverage. The employer has to provide this insurance coverage to the workers, by law.

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Benefits from compensations;

Wage reimbursements: Wage reimbursement is the compensation that a worker gets if he is considered as totally disable to do the job. He is then provided with two-thirds of the average weekly wage. If the injury that has caused a worker to be classified as partially disabled then the compensation reduces.

Medical expenses: the compensation provides full medical expense reimbursements related to the injury, only if treated by the selected provider.

Death benefit: the family of the deceased gets the compensation. Mainly the wife gets the benefits, the children only if they are minors, and in very rare cases some other family members.

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The initial consultation is free for all its customers. There are no legal fees involved until the worker gets the compensation that they deserve.

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