Rejuvenating Your Closet: 101


Expressing your personal sense of style through your clothing choices and outfit creations is an exciting way to craft your closet around your personality.

However, due to time and, frankly, lack of effort, it is likely that your closet is neither as organized nor as clean and tidy as you would like, and with that being said, here is rejuvenating your closet: 101.

Start With an Empty Closet

First off, whether you are ordinarily an impressively organized person or not, there is no way you can truly look to revamp your entire closet by keeping everything neat and tidy.

Instead, once you have set aside at least half a day to dedicate to revitalizing your closet, you should begin by emptying absolutely everything out onto the bed or in a pile on the floor, including all your storage items and clothes hangers. This way, you can better visualize the space you have to work with and ensure no item slips through the proverbial net.

Be Meticulous When Choosing Which Items to Keep

Often, as with other areas of your home where belongings have started to accumulate and create a mess, sentimentality is the biggest factor preventing objectivity. As such, you need to be meticulous when choosing which items of clothing to keep.

Some simple questions to ask yourself when considering whether or not to keep, donate, recycle, upcycle, or throw away a specific piece of clothing are:

  1. When did I wear this last, and did I feel comfortable?
  2. Does this item suit my lifestyle and personal sense of style now?
  3. Would I buy this if it were available in the store today?
  4. What event could I wear this to in the next few weeks and months?

Upcycle Your Old Tops

Instead of chucking your old t-shirts, both those that sadly no longer fit you these days or else are simply not something you would ever wear again, why not get creative and turn them into an impressive and unique t-shirt quilt!

There are numerous other ways of reusing your old items of clothing to create a new product that is entirely unique to you, from turning your jumpers into cushions for your couch and reupholstering an old chair with some worn denim jeans.

Your Keep Pile Should be the Smallest!

Finally, keep an eye on how large the pile of clothes is that you intend on donating to your local charity shop, the pile of items you are going to throw away in the trash, and the pile you want to keep.

Ideally, the ‘keep’ pile should be significantly smaller than the other two and should not contain any items of clothing which no longer fit your body, pieces that simply do not suit you or your personal sense of style,and also anything which you own multiple and identical versions of.

Additionally, you should also throw away any pieces of clothing, shoes, or accessories which you keep meaning to repair or alter yet never seem to get around to.

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