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Spain is a country dominated by the Iberian Peninsula, comprised of flat plains, surrounded by hilly terrain and the Pyrenees Mountains to the north. The latter are especially a rich source of marbles, granites and other natural stones used widely in interior design, construction industry, for architectural and decorative surface applications. And it’s an industry as ancient as perhaps the Roman civilization if not more, and hence it’s has innumerable players of all sizes. Ranging from traders, who supply to the local market, to those integrated entities, that own quarries, and at the same time do turnkey projects for all manner of major construction works within Spain and overseas.

One such natural stone company, possessing its own quarry and also executing on turnkey projects, came to us vide the search engine route, and subsequent to scrutinizing our professional deliverables, were eager to work with us. Beginning from a small, sample assignment to do with translation of Spanish content to Arabic for a major tendering bid for a project in Saudi Arabia, which they won, was followed by a lengthy list of assignments on translation services– including upgrading their then current site into a dozen odd global languages. Providing Voice Over, for their YouTube channel videos, subtitling in various languages for dated promo videos from their quite extensive ad library etc.

The latest assignment includes a lead generation campaign covering all of North America, whereby scope of work includes contacting pre-qualified AEC industry noteworthy players, to intro the recipients to the Spanish companies portfolio of natural stones. This has been successful beyond the expectations of the Marketing head on the client side, and it be noted even much more than we at our Agency had intended or planned for – a total runaway success at that.

Drawing on the above, we would be working with the client on similar lines for HK, China and the Japanese market.

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