The Afghan Donor Conference will be held on November 24 and 23 in Geneva, European Union

Afghan Donor Conference

The Afghan Donor Conference will be held in Geneva on November 24 and 23. In Brussels, the European Union said that development and democracy in Afghanistan are in the interest of the whole world.

The European Union says we have invested in peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. Peace in Afghanistan is very complex and difficult. Violence in Afghanistan has increased over the past five years.

The European Union said that Pakistan has a solution to the problem of Afghanistan. The visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Kabul is very encouraging. Pakistan has the solution to most of Afghanistan’s problems.

The European Union (EU) has said that despite the Doha agreement, violence continues. It is not in our interest to leave at this time. Afghanistan’s funding is conditional on improving the situation for women.

The European Union says women cannot be allowed to stay out of the development process.

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