The Best Place to Amper Your Feline Friend in Wellington

Feline Friend

Cats are so adorable. Just looking at them and their antics would relieve a person’s stress, especially cat lovers. Some people like to look at cat memes to have a hearty laugh. They say that when they see a cat doing humorous things, it’s as if they have found a release; an escape from their problems. That is why a lot of people love cats. That said, they deserve the absolute love and care that their human parent could provide.

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However, what if you needed to go on a trip and you could not bring your cat with you? It’s heartbreaking, that’s for sure. You will also be worried sick because you could not just leave your feline pet with just any person. Ease your worries because there is a place made just for cats: A cattery. If you happen to live in Wellington, you can bring your cat to the Hillcrest Cat Motel, a Lower Hutt Cattery. The staff here are very knowledgeable about cat welfare and the facilities are top-notch.

What is a cattery?

A cattery’s main function is to shelter cats; it can be a temporary or a permanent one. Catteries have two types: One where the cat lives temporarily and another where they can be bred/mate with cats.

1. Boarding cattery

This is where you can bring your cat if you are going out of town and the cat could not go with you. The staff will take your place in caring for them until you come back to fetch them. A veterinarian is also at the premises to overlook the cats’ health. Not only that, if your house needs renovation and you need to leave the house in the meantime, you can place your cat in a cattery. The same goes when you physically could not care for the cat for the time being. Catteries like this one are regulated by local animal laws and authorities.

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2. Breeding cattery

As for this type of cattery, cat breeders bred their cats here either as a means to have more cats to take care of or to sell to other people. So if you plan to take a cat to your home, your best bet to get one is from a breeding cattery.

Amenities of a cattery

Catteries like the Hillcrest Cat Motel have great amenities that your cat would enjoy. In the cattery, cats can roam about the place because the place has a cat activity tree. The controlled environment within the cattery will relax your cat; this means they will not feel too hot or cold. Each cat would have their own bed, litter box and food containers. Properly scheduled activities would make sure that while having fun, your cat will also have an ample amount of rest.

The bottom line

Being away from your pet can really make their owner’s worry. However, knowing that you left your cat in good hands should alleviate those worries. Better yet, take some time off and join your cat in the cattery for some bonding time.

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