Trump’s Decision To Give Immigrants A Big Relaxation For The First Time


US President Donald Trump has surprisingly decided to give a big relaxation to immigrants for the first time. According to the American Broadcasting Corporation, President Trump has said that he is finding a way to give citizenship to young immigrants, people will be happy with it. President Trump has said he will soon sign new executive order on immigration.

It will pave the way for granting citizenship to young people who came to the United States illegally with their parents as children. In a TV interview, President Trump said the plan is in favor of the DACA, a pending program for children who came to the United States illegally as children. Under the program, they have been granted temporary residency in the United States. “We are paving the way for their citizenship. The administrative order will be based on merit,” the president said.

He repeated again that Trump would work with Congress to find a formal legal solution. In addition to citizenship, this will include stronger border security and permanent reforms based on merit. But no general amnesty will be granted.

On the other hand, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, criticized on Trump’s decision in a tweet, saying that constitutionally the president has zero percent power to pave the way for citizenship through an executive order.

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