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Frozen in Antarctica

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Antarctica is a frozen continent is 1.5 times bigger than the United States of America and is one of the most mysterious places on earth. In Antarctica, 99 percent of the area is covered by ice and 70 percent of the world’s freshwater is contained in this continent as it has 90 percent of ice on earth. According to Reviews, many strange things were found in this mysterious continent where you will get penguins almost everywhere.

The Things

Here are some strange things that you can find in Antarctica:

  1. Frozen Methane – In the ice of Antarctica, you will find a huge amount of mesmerizing ice bubbles which is actually methane in frozen form. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is very dangerous and worse than carbon dioxide. Methane that is hidden in the ice of Antarctica may lead to the explosion in the form of methane bomb if the glaciers continue to recede. So, frozen methane poses a serious threat to human beings if the glaciers melt totally due to global warming.
  2. Giant Hole – In the year 2017, a huge hole was found in Antarctica that is larger than Netherland. These kinds of holes were also previously found in Antarctica which is known as Polynyas. In Antarctica, the top layer of the ice melts when warm water is pushed towards the surface of the ocean. In such a case, the atmosphere of Antarctica comes in contact with the water surface and sinks as it cools down. Then, the water heats up and rises back towards the surface which makes such a large hole in Antarctica.
  3. Dangerous Bacteria – In the ice of Antarctica, some dangerous bacteria are found that remains hidden underneath the ice. Scientists have found that these bacteria are as old as 420000 years. However, scientists still could not make sure whether the ice in which the bacteria hides themselves acts as a preventive measure that makes the microbes intact until the ice melts.
  4. Hidden city – There are hundreds of cities in Antarctica and it is believed that this frozen content was home to the lost city of Atlantis. It is said that a long time ago, Antarctica was as warm as Los Angeles is now. Thus, it may be quite possible that a society could have existed before the ice age. But, it cannot be said whether it was the lost city of Atlantis or other civilizations. However, even if any society had existed, it is now lost forever as the continent is completely frozen.
  5. Deep lake – A deep lake exists in the East Antarctica that is considered to be the most remarkable ecosystem in the world. Despite the freezing temperature, the water of the deep lake is very salty and it is dangerous for penguins to swim in this lake as its water is colder than that of the ocean.


According to Reviews, these are just a few facts that we have discovered about this mysterious continent. As modern technology improves, we may be able to explore the unexplored parts of this frozen continent and discover even more fascinating things.

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