Who is West Australian Octopus?

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Lifestyle is all about one’s ways of perceiving the world through our various activities. A people’s lifestyle tends to differ with changes in geographic location. Such changes lead to the prevailing nature of our communities, which is evident in its socio-economic environments. It is no surprise then that food, and cooking methods vary with differences in societies all over the world. For many in Australia, the octopus is one delicacy that brings out the commonwealth of the nation, its seas.

The octopus is an animal limited to certain parts of the world. It is famous for its high nutritious content. Doctors advise that we should integrate octopus into our dieting as a healthcare measure. This is largely paying to its high-desired fatty oil content. West Australian Octopus, is the leading company in Australia that supplies this sweet dish to your doorstep. No one does this job better when it comes down to getting your octopus on the ropes.


West Australian octopus is an Australian based octopus operation. It is located in the town of Geraldton, popular for its predominant fishing occupants. They boast of being a vertically objective company that deals in the octopus fishery. This means that they perform all services ranging from capturing of the octopus to processing, and preparation.

The operations occur out on the shoreline of the Abrolhos Islands, providing about 80kms of shallow waters for fishing.


The name of the species of octopus used is the O. Tetricus Octopus. It is commonly referred to as the Abrolhos Octopus, giving its proximity to the Abrolhos Islands.


So far in regards to the processing time, the duration is just sufficient to keep the fish product fresh and flavorsome. This is possible since all operations involved in the processing are not outsourced. Having a facility recorded to be the biggest of its kind in Australia, it sits on the shores of the small town of Geraldton.


The menu is quite short having only one species of octopus, the O. Tetricus Octopus. However, there are multiple types of dishes available. The various dishes are well thought out to fit different preferences in consumer taste.

This goes to say that whether you’re a foreigner on a tourist vacation or a native of Australia, there’s a dish awaiting your taste buds.

For individuals, who are more selective in their food preparation, there’s the option to send in a recipe for a chef to prepare your dish to meet your desire. Customer satisfaction is the watchword in this business.


As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”, the company puts this in high esteem. A tour around its first-grade facilities would spell out that they hold hygiene at a high professional standard. As a proof of quality, the company is government certified, having a license to practice from the government.

With a lot of attention to details, this is arguably a company worthy of recommendation in this field. It is common for chefs to pride in processed octopus dishes delivered by West Australia Octopus.

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