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Wood or Vinyl Windows and Doors Guelph?

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If you have thought of replacing your windows and doors Guelph, you must have come across the two leading window materials; vinyl and wood windows. Most homeowners replace their windows to improve energy efficiency, add value to their home and enhance curb appeal, and these two types are a perfect choice.

However, there is a difference between wood and vinyl windows. You can choose the windows and doors Guelph depending on your preference and on how you want their homes to look. Before looking at the characteristics, it is essential to know what each of these window material is. Check for more on Total Home Windows and Doors.

  1. Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows and doors Guelph were made to compete against expensive wood windows and doors. These windows are made from a compound of plastic material, Polyvinyl Chloride. Through a lot of modification, these windows have been made to have almost similar characteristics to wood. In the past, you could only find vinyl windows in white, but most manufacturers have included other colors. Nowadays, vinyl windows are very affordable, and some cost half the price of wood.

Although they are cheap, these windows are less durable than wood, but they will last for more than 20 years. Vinyl windows are mostly known for being energy-efficient. They are made with an insulative material that prevents heat transfer in and out of the house. Another reason homeowners go for vinyl windows is that these windows are straightforward to maintain. They do not fade when exposed to the sun, so they do not need repainting. When stained, you can use a clean cloth and clean water to wipe off the dirt.

  1. Wood Windows and doors

Wood is a rich material that is mainly preferred because of its whole grain finishing. Due to its high demand, most manufacturers add grain finishing on other window materials like aluminum and fiberglass, and the end product mimics the look of wood. Wood windows and doors Guelph are very durable and energy-efficient because this material is a poor conductor of heat. Since wood is widely admired, upgrading your windows to wood windows increases the chances of getting a home buyer fast if you want to sell your home. It also increases your home’s value because wood is an expensive material.

Compared to other materials, wood windows replacement Guelph has a higher warranty of up to 50 years and is transferable from owner to owner. Since wood sucks in water and can swell and rot, manufacturers add exterior cladding to prevent moisture absorption. One disadvantage of wood is that it is expensive to buy and maintain. The window material requires you to keep repainting it to maintain its look. Although manufacturers add other components to minimize the need for repainting these windows every time, this comes with an extra cost.

  1. Comparing The Two Materials

When you bring the two materials together for comparison, you will find that wood is more expensive to maintain. If you buy a more polished wooden window that does not require maintenance, you will find that the purchase price is higher than vinyl. Both materials are known for energy efficiency, but wood is more energy-efficient than vinyl. This is because wood is a natural insulator.

The prices vary, depending on the brand or product line. Although there are limited design options for vinyl windows, you can get wooden windows in any color, but they are too expensive to maintain the look. Vinyl windows and doors Guelph are not as durable as wood windows. However, durability mainly varies with the type and method of installation. It isn’t very easy to install both wood and vinyl windows, but most installers are used to wood windows because they are more common. If you have the skills, you can DIY, but it is advisable to ask an installer to do it for you. Poorly installed windows do not serve their purpose well, even energy efficiency.

  1. Which One Should I Buy?

Your choice will depend on your priorities. If you are tied to a budget, you are more likely to go for vinyl windows. If you are worried about how long your windows will stay and add your home’s resale value, you can choose wood. However, it is advisable to thoroughly research these materials because this is a sensitive project that will completely change your home.

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