New Zealand Brake Meter Certification

New Zealand Brake Meter Certification

Every single car in the world has to pass a break test. Brake tests are measured for braking efficiency and the vehicle must past the test to be road-worthy.

Over 1.8 billion cars in the world go through brake testing and have to pass the test as well. So, if any car happened to fail the test even once, it’s time to be redone or fixed. Learn more about latest models of automobiles their repairing and maintenance on this website:

That’s a lot of cars that have to be taken care of on a day to day basis and not only that almost every car has to be re-inspected every two years or so and pass not only a break test, but also engine check, systems, suspensions, lights, steering, and any car leakage.

Brake testing equipment is to be used for EVERY Warrant of Fitness inspection. The Transport Agency will take action against automotive businesses that are using out of date brake meters or not using them at all in their vehicle inspections. When brake tests are not properly being conducted, garages get suspended and vehicle owners are urged to get WOFs rechecked. Learn more about automobiles brake meter and repairing on this dedicated website:

Now let’s dive into what brake meter is and what its certification is?

A Break meter that measures the decelerating effects of vehicle brakes, It can also be used to test all types of vehicles such as cars, 4x4s, trucks, buses and vans.

Here in New Zealand, brake meter certification can be done with a local provider who will calibrate it with a 24 hour turnover. It can be done efficiently by sending it through a courier.

You will also be provided with a certification reminder for the next check on your brake meters as the LTSA requires brake performance testing equipment to be calibrated at least once a year. To discover more about how frequently a brake tester has to be calibrated, visit this website:

You would want your break meter to be certified and always ready to go whenever you need it at any time. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information.

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